1. Iran Protests at FIFA Opposition to Islamic Code of Dressing
    TEHRAN (FNA)- Iran’s National Olympic Committee Secretary General Bahram Afsharzadeh said his committee has sent letters to five international sports organizations to complain about a FIFA decision to ban Iranian women footballers from observing Islamic code of dressing in international tournaments.
  2. US loosens security measures on Muslim travel
    The US has loosened security measures imposed on fourteen Muslim countries in January, introduced after a failed suicide bombing on Christmas Day last year, it was announced at the weekend.
  3. Egypt court orders top Brotherhood men released
    CAIRO (Reuters) – An Egyptian criminal court on Sunday ordered the release of 16 senior members of the banned Muslim Brotherhood group who were detained in February.
  4. Muslim quota soon: CM
    Calcutta, April 4: Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee today tried to woo Muslims back into the CPM fold, announcing quick implementation of a promised 10 per cent quota for the minority community in government jobs with an eye on the elections to 82 civic bodies in May.
  5. Iran says missing scientist abducted by US
    Revelations that a missing Iranian nuclear scientist is in US territory prove that he was abducted by Washington officials and taken to the US against his will, says Iran’s foreign ministry spokesman.
  6. Afghan upper house backs Karzai anti-US decree
    The Afghan parliament’s upper house has voiced support for President Hamid Karzai in limiting the role of foreigners in the five-seat election fraud watchdog.
  7. Ahlu Sunnah claims battlefield victory over al-Shabab
    Heavy clashes have broken out between two rival militant groups in central Somalia, leaving at least seven people dead and 20 injured.
  8. Iraq on high alert after Baghdad bombings
    Iraq’s security forces are on high alert after three bombs targeted several embassies in the capital city of Baghdad, killing over 35 people and wounding 224 others.
  9. Sydney – Greens Add Their Voices Opposing Deportation of Sheik Mansour Leghaei
    “The proposal to deport Sheikh Leghaei is a fundamentally undemocratic and dangerous act, and I call on the Minister for Immigration, Senator Chris Evans, to use his power to halt the proposed deportation.
  10. France: State Council warns full burqa ban might be illegal
    mmigration Minister Eric Besson defended the upcoming law. Talking to Europe 1, Besson said: The world, and especially the Arab-Muslim world, is watching us and expecting a strong sign from France.”