1. Brazilian Muslims Need Islamic Satellite TV
    Propagation of Christianity among Muslims in Brazil is threatening the religious identity of Brazilian Muslims who need an Islamic satellite network in Portuguese language.
  2. Pakistan Shia ulema council asks govt to step down
    QUETTA – Leader of Shia Ulema Council Pakistan Balochistan chapter Allama Ghulam Mehdi Najafi while strongly condemning suicide blast at Civil Hospital Quetta has said that if govt was unable to ensure safety of people than it should step down.
  3. Holy city of Qom to Host Quran Experts Congress
    Qom Islamic Ideology Dissemination Department plans to hold a congress of Islamic Ideology Dissemination Organizations’ (IIDO) Quran experts on May 17.
  4. Study On Chinese Design Mosque At Final Stage
    The study on Malaysia’s first Chinese design mosque is at final stage and will be annouced soon, Federal Territory Islamic Department (Jawi) deputy director (operation) Zainal Abidin Jaffar said.
  5. Malaysia”s Quran museum showcases unique Islamic works of art
    Malaysia — Out of its dedication to spread the message of Islam and conserve Islamic arts particularly in the areas of manuscripts and calligraphy, Malaysia launched the Holy Quran Museum in Shah Alam city, Selangor province, about 25 kilometers southwest Kuala Lumpur.
  6. Interest in Learning the Quran in the West
    Egyptian Quran scholar and researcher Professor Abdel Haleem said that he was encouraged to translate the holy Quran into English by the interest in learning about the Quran and its concepts among the people in the west.
  7. Warning on anti-Islamic entertainment
    Brunei — Public entertainment producers, providers and managers were urged to take proactive steps to curb any forms of entertainment that are reckless and extravagant.
  8. Outlawed Terrorist Group Forms Subgroup To Avenge Killings
    The banned religio-political outfit of Sipah-e-Sahaba Pakistan (SSP) has formed a subgroup with the name ‘Lashkar-e-Islam’ in view of the prevailing target killings of their workers, Daily Times learnt on Thursday.
  9. Official: Najaf Airport Reopened
    Najaf Airport reopened after 12 days off.
  10. 120 Afghans die in a week of carnage
    The war in Afghanistan has claimed the lives of 120 people and injured over 100 more over the past week.