1. Muslim women stage a march against terrorism in Agra
    Hundreds of Muslim women took to streets in Agra on Sunday against the terror menace.
  2. Sydney Shia Muslim Cleric Given 2 Weeks’ Deportation Reprieve
    A Sydney shia muslim cleric, who is facing deportation, has been given another two weeks to stay in Australia.
  3. Well-Known Saudi Scholar: Al Qaeda is HARAM
    Saudi Sheikh Makes Fatawah Against Al-Qaeda Group
  4. Saudi Wahhabi Interior Minister says no to Shia mosques
    Prince Naif bin Abdulaziz, Interior Minister, refused to re-open the closed Shia mosques in Eastern Province for undisclosed security and sectarian issues.
  5. Pakistani Shia Martyrs Count Climbs to 46
    Another 16 Shia Muslim have reportedly succumbed to injuries and embraced martyrdom in yesterday ‘s tragic incident of twin blasts in kohat . The number of Shohada now stands at 46. Another 60 Shia Muslims are injured and have been shifted to various hospitals.
  6. Iraqi panel orders vote recount in Baghdad
    BAGHDAD (Reuters) – A panel Monday ordered a recount of ballots cast in Baghdad in Iraq’s March 7 election, raising the prospect of a change in the results that gave a cross-sectarian group backed by minority Sunnis a slim lead.
  7. Blasphemy law upheld
    JAKARTA – INDONESIA’S Constitutional Court on Monday rejected a petition by moderate Muslims, minorities and rights groups against a 1965 blasphemy law, in a ruling seen as a test of the country’s pluralism.
  8. Saudi Arabia Awakens To The Dangers Of Wahhabism
    The faith that was founded more than 14 centuries ago in what is now Saudi Arabia still suffuses the daily life of almost all the population there, as well as in most of the rest of the Middle East. Islam is at the core of their being, and it is for just this reason that the faith has been used to promote the geopolitical objectives of various dominant powers of the globe: the British Empire in the 19th and early 20th centuries, and later the United States.
  9. Bangka to Require Koranic Literacy of Muslim Schoolkids
    The administration of Bangka Island off the coast of Sumatra has become the latest to adopt requirements that Muslim elementary students must be able to read Islam’s holy book to graduate.
  10. Taliban claim victory in Korengal
    Taliban militants have claimed that the group recaptured the Korengal valley in eastern Afghanistan, seizing huge piles of ammunition from foreign troops.