1. Eminent journalist delivers lecture on Muslim education at AMU
    Aligarh: Noted journalist Mr. M.J. Akbar recently delivered the Sir Syed Memorial lecture on “Muslims and Modernity – Relevance of Sir Syed in 2010” organized by Sir Syed Academy at Kennedy Auditorium, Aligarh Muslim University (AMU).
  2. Iran seeks self-sufficiency in gasoline by 2013
    TEHRAN – Iran hopes to become self-sufficient in gasoline within three years, as policies to suppress demand and increase refining will finally free it from a precarious reliance on imports, a minister said on Friday.
  3. Iran withdraws bid for seat on UN rights council
    UNITED NATIONS – Iran has withdrawn its bid for a seat on the U.N. Human Rights Council amid growing criticism of what one advocacy group said on Friday was Tehran’s “appalling human rights record.”
  4. Turkish mosque joins honour roll of Australian heritage buildings
    WITH its soaring minarets, soft Turkish carpet and words from the Koran inscribed in gold on its walls, the Auburn Gallipoli Mosque is unlike most iconic Australian buildings.
  5. Scholar slams ‘un-Islamic’ practice
    Qatar-based Islamic scholar Sheikh Yousuf al-Qaradawi yesterday slammed the practice of denying women access to mosques by Muslims of South Africa as well as of the Indian subcontinent and said that he was surprised that women were not allowed to attend any of his lectures in Johannesburg during his recent visit there.
  6. Yemeni rebels want 1,000 captives freed
    A spokesman for Shia Zaidi rebels in north Yemen yesterday demanded that the government keep its promises and free 1,000 captured militants.
  7. 56 killed in Iraq blasts
    In Iraq, at least 56 people were killed in a wave of bombings in the capital, Baghdad. More than 100 were injured. The blasts mostly occurred near Shia mosques around the time of Friday prayers. No group has claimed the responsibility of the bombings.
  8. Al Mahdi Scouts fourth annual art and activity fair + PIC
    As part of its regular activities, Al Mahdi Scouts held on Thursday 22 April 2010, the opening of its Fourth Annual Art and Activity Fair in Sayyed Shuhada complex, Beirut Southern Suburb.
  9. Hundreds protest Baku mosque closure
    Azerbaijan’s Supreme Court has postponed a ruling on whether the closure of a mosque in Baku should proceed, as hundreds of protesters gathered outside the court.
  10. French police fine Muslim driver for wearing veil
    A French Muslim woman has been fined for wearing a full-face veil while driving a car.