1. Talibani Terrorists Martyr 4 Shia Muslims in Pakistan
    Pro-Taliban militants have stormed a Shia populated area in northwestern Pakistan, leaving at least four people, including a child, dead and 14 others injured
  2. Iraq Mosque bombing victims buried
    Dozens of Shia Muslim martyred on friday series of bomb incidents in Baghdad have been buried amid calls for a three-day mourning period after the deadliest day in Iraq this year.
  3. Ummah failed to produce another Iqbal
    LAHORE, Pakistan – A renowned Iranian scholar Dr Mohammad Baghai Makan has said that unfortunately after 72 years of Allama Muhammad Iqbal’s death, Muslim nation could not see another Iqbal.
  4. Iranian Best Educated Muslims In Germany
    Iranians are heading the list of Germany’s best educated Muslims, according to a study published by a government agency dealing with immigrant affairs.
  5. Moro Muslims agree on truce during Philippines polls in May
    Moro Islamlic Liberation Front has agreed to help avoid violence on the southern island during voting in Philippines’ national and local elections, officials said.
  6. Offensive graffiti found near Pickering mosque
    Durham police are investigating offensive graffiti that has been spray painted near an Islamic mosque in Pickering.
  7. Najaf Airport to receive 3 int’l flights per week
    The Najaf Airport will receive three international flights per week beginning next week.
  8. Islamic banking in Afghanistan
    KARACHI (PR) – Chief Executive Officer, AlHuda Centre of Islamic Banking and Economics Zubair Mughal has said that Afghanistan is a growing emerging market for the Islamic financial industry.
  9. Saudi Arabia may increase quota for Russian pilgrims on hajj
    Over 20,000 pilgrims from Russia will go on hajj to Mecca this year, first deputy chairman of the Russian Federation Council’s international affairs committee Ilyas Umakhanov.
  10. Ammar al-Hakeem raps govt. for Baghdad, Anbar blasts
    Baghdad, Iraq — Supreme Islamic Iraqi Council (SIIC) chief Sayed Ammar al-Hakeem held the Iraqi government responsible for Friday’s deadly blasts in the provinces of Baghdad and al-Anbar, calling for rapid measures to protect citizens.