1. Iraq still the scene of political consultations for forming New Government
    The continuation of consultations between Iraqi political groups for forming the new government has still overshadowed the country’s domestic atmosphere.
  2. Saudi Shia writer questioned for criticizing the sectarian governmental policies
    Saudi authorities subjected Ahmed Al-Rebh lengthy sessions of questioning for his political writing and frequent criticism to sectarian government policy.
  3. Crack down against Sadrists in Diwaniya
    A Sadrist source in Diwaniya, Qadisiya province, said that an arrest campaign is being carried out on Sunday evening, against Sadrists (followers of Noted Iraqi Shia Cleric Muqtada al-Sadr) in Diwaniya.
  4. Grand Ayatullah Sistani calls to improve Iraqi, Arab relations
    The Supreme Religious Authority Ayatullah Syed Ali al-Sistani called to improve the Iraqi relations with the Arab and Islamic countries, especially Egypt.
  5. ‘Ayyam Al-Fatimiyah’ observance in Saudi eastern province
    AL-QATIF, Saudi Arabia: Sayedah Fatimah Az-Zahra Al-Batol (a.s.), Mistress of the Women of the World and the beloved daughter of the Chief of Prophets Prophet Muhammad (s.w.) about whom he had said: ‘Fatimah is part of me, he who hurts her hurts me’, was martyred on Jamadi Al-Oulaa 13 according to some traditions while some others say it was Jamadi Ath-Thaniya 3 when she kissed martyrdom.
  6. Indian Maulana Sadiq says modern education must for existence
    LUCKNOW, India: Maulana Kalbe Sadiq while underlining the need of adopting modern education for uplift of minorities said he was not in favour of reservation.
  7. Iran plans new satellite launch
    Iran plans to launch new satellites for data and image transmission by March next year, Telecommunications Minister Reza Taqipour has said.
  8. World Religious Summit opens in Baku, initiated by head of the Caucasus Shia Muslim
    About 150 spiritual leaders from more than 35 countries of the world have come to participate in the World Religious Summit in Baku.
  9. Establishment of 80 open libraries in the mosques of Eastern Azerbaijan, Iran
    The in charge of mosque societies’ secretariat, Eastern Azerbaijan announced the establishment of 80 open libraries along with the equipment of 50 existing libraries in the province.
  10. Protest outside Punjab Assembly Against Shia killings by ISO & MWM
    Imamia Students Organization (ISO) and Majlis-e-Wahdate Muslimeen (MWM) on Sunday taken out protest rally from Lahore Press Club to Punjab Assembly building against the genocide of Shia Muslims in Pakistan.