1. Italy fines Muslim woman for veil
    Officials in Italy’s northwestern city of Novara have fined a Muslim woman 500 euros (650 dollars) for wearing a full Islamic veil on the streets.
  2. Al-Qaeda leader arrested and Imam killed by gunmen in Iraq
    A prominent al-Qaeda leader was among those arrested during an Iraqi security operation, while, separately, the imam of a Sunni mosque was killed by gunmen, security sources announced on Tuesday.
  3. German interior minister rejects talk of veil ban
    BERLIN – Germany’s interior minister has rejected calls for a ban on a full Islamic face veil in public, days after Belgium’s parliament voted in favour of one, a German newspaper reported on Tuesday.
  4. Scientists offer instant test on pork in food to Muslim Kazakhstan
    Scientists in mainly Muslim Kazakhstan have come up with an instant test for the presence of pork in food.
  5. Iraqis claim torture by British soldiers
    Hundreds of Iraqi detainees have recently filed complaints against the MoD for torture they had to endure while being held in British custody in Iraq.
  6. Dubai Islamic Bank named Best Islamic Bank
    Dubai Islamic Bank (DIB) announced that it has been named the “Best Islamic Bank” in the UAE for 2010 by Global Finance magazine.
  7. New movement of Husseini Speakers created in Pakistan
    ISLAMABAD, Pakistan: The creation of a nation-wide organization namely Tehreek Tahaffuz-i-Wila-o-Aza and Azmat-e-Sadaat (Movement for Protection of Wila, Aza and Dignity of Progeny of Holy prophet) has been announced in All Pakistan Azadari Convention organized by Bazm-i-Waezeen-o-Zakireen.
  8. Bahrain’s alcohol ban confined to Muslims only
    Bahrain’s lawmakers approved a law that will impose a ban on drinking alcohol to Muslims only; allowing non-Muslims to drink in places specified by the government, a local newspaper reported on Tuesday.
  9. Rain, hailstorms cause chaos in Riyadh
    Heavy rain and hailstorms have struck Riyadh, causing traffic jams, accidents, and school closures.
  10. Two Iraq Shi’ite blocs agree on alliance: official
    (Reuters) – Iraq’s two major Shi’ite political coalitions, one led by Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki and the other whose leaders have close ties to Iran, agreed on Tuesday on an alliance to form a single bloc in parliament, coalition officials said.