1. Iraq advises US against meddling
    Iraq’s government spokesman Ali al-Dabbagh has called on the United States to avoid any intervention in the issue of forming the country’s new government.
  2. Holy Qom to Host Conference on “Quran and Nahj-ol-Balaqa Interpretation in Universities”
    40 papers will be presented at the two-day conference on “Quran and Nahj-ol-Balaqa Interpretation in Universities”, director of the conference told reporters
  3. Terrorists kill 5 Shia Muslims in Kurram Agency
    In the firing of Taliban terrorists five Shia people including three women were martyred and two others injured in Central Kurram Agency.
  4. 14-member-committee to set plans for INA, SLC alliance, says Bayati
    The leader within the State of Law’s Coalition Abbas al-Bayati pointed out that “The 14-member-committee formed by the Noori al-Maliki led led alliance of the State of Law Coalition (SLC) and the Shia Iraqi National Alliance (INA) will hold an important meeting during the next two days to set schedules for implementing points of the agreement reached by the new alliance.”
  5. Expo of Arab and Muslim discoveries and inventions to open in Canada
    The Arab and Muslim discoveries will fascinate visitors at the Science Centre as they see numerous inventions brought to life through more than 40 magnificent interactive exhibits and giant functional replicas that use cutting-edge technology to recreate the ingenuity of a golden age.
  6. India: Muslim representation in Indian Civil Services – An Analysis
    Among 875 selected candidates, this year, 21 are Muslims. Last year, out of 791 selected candidates, 31 were Muslims. Hence, from around 4% in 2009 the Muslims’ selection in the Civil Services Examination, popularly known as IAS exams, has come down to around 2.5%.
  7. Mohammed expresses faith in the GCC spirit
    Shaikh Mohammed said GCC was one of the few regional blocs that could bring together countries with strong bonds of geography, history, language, faith and tradition.
  8. UK may seek fresh Afghan approach
    Britain’s new government may adopt a new approach towards the war in Afghanistan due to growing public opposition, former US Senator Mike Gravel says.
  9. Iraq elections commission ends mission
    The chief of the committee inspecting Iraqi officials for ties to Saddam Hussein’s Baathist Party says no more candidates from the elections will be disqualified.
  10. Iran unveils ‘new FMD vaccine’
    Iranian scientists at Tehran’s Razi Vaccine and Serum Research Institute have introduced a new vaccine for foot and mouth disease (FMD).