1. Indian Muslims call for ban on Facebook
    NEW DELHI: Pakistan’s anger against religiously offensive web-based networking groups spread to India on Friday as Muslim protesters in Mumbai demanded a ban on the Facebook website.
  2. Pakistan bans 1,000 websites over cartoon row
    Islamabad : Pakistan banned more than 1,000 web links and proxy sites containing “sacrilegious” cartoons of Prophet Mohammed and other hate materials, officials said Friday.
  3. Brunei restaurants urged to get Halal certification
    Restaurant operators are urged to obtain halal and logo certification for their respective restaurants. Since the introduction of the Halal Logo and Certificate Order 2008, only ten percent or one hundred and ten from more than one thousand restaurants and eateries outlets in the country have obtained the forms for halal logo and certification.
  4. In Iraq, toll of market blast rises over 49
    The death toll from a bomb blast caused by a minivan packed with explosives in a central Iraqi city has increased to 49 people.
  5. UN: Afghan War Killed Or Wounded Over 1000 Children In 2009
    At least 1,000 children have been killed or injured in the Afghan war in 2009, including 131 who were killed by US-led forces, a UN report says.
  6. Amnesty urged Bahrain to investigate shooting at a Shia protester
    The London-based rights group said the Shia protester, Hassan Ali, was shot Monday in disputed circumstances the same day that Bahrain’s Attorney General said clashes between villagers and policemen resulted in a police car being set alight.
  7. Cartoonist denies ‘Draw Muhammad’ role, Apologized World Muslims
    WASHINGTON: An American cartoonist whose work inspired the controversial ‘Everybody Draw Mohammed Page’ on Facebook has condemned the effort and issued an apology to Muslims.
  8. Kosovo police detain five suspected Islamists
    (Reuters) – Police in Kosovo have detained five people suspected of belonging to the austere Wahhabi school of Islam and seized a large cache of weapons, police said Saturday.
  9. Meeting Between al Maliki and Allawi Postponed
    Baghdad, Asharq Al-Awsat – The meeting that was due to be held on
  10. Outlawed Sipah-e-Sahaba to hold meeting at Nishtar Park on May 28