1. Top Shia cleric Grand Ayatollah Sistani calls for “Unity”
    BAGHDAD — Iraq’s most influential Shiite cleric assured leaders of the Sunni-backed coalition that narrowly won the March election that no group will be excluded from the new government, representatives of the Iraqiya list said Sunday.
  2. Salat (Prayer) increases the relaxation hormone in human body
    Scientific research discovered the amazing effects of Salat on the human spirit
  3. Karbala TV Channel in the Internet
    Karbala Satellite channel is available on the Internet from now on. Karbala-tv.net
  4. Zakat Course for Women in Brunei
    The Islamic Da’wah Centre in Brunei, through its Women Guidance Unit, will be organizing a Fiqh Az-Zakat Course on their Tarbiyah Wanita Majlis Ta’lim program for the Women’s Association.
  5. Türkiye Finans best Islamic bank in Turkey
    The US-based Global Finance magazine has named Türkiye Finans Turkey’s best Islamic financial institution, the bank has announced.
  6. Iran holy city ups fine for unveiled women
    TEHRAN – Iran’s second biggest city has massively increased the amount it fines for women who fail to observe the Islamic dress code and don’t cover their hair properly, media reported
  7. Plans for a 13-storey mosque at Ground Zero provoke anti-Muslim backlash
    Plans to build a 13-storey mosque and Islamic centre two city blocks from Ground Zero in New York are provoking an anti-Muslim backlash in America
  8. US-run prisons breed terror in Iraq
    Amidst an unrelenting militancy in violence-weary Iraq, Baghdad says key planning for major attacks around the country is mostly done in US-run prisons.
  9. Islamic finance flourishes in CIS
    Judging by the spate of conferences on Islamic finance organized in the Russian Federation and the rest of the CIS countries in recent months, interest in Islamic finance is fast developing in a region that should be a natural market for the global industry.