1. Muslims in Germany meets new Berlin mosque
    Muslims in Berlin met one of Germany’s largest mosque thank to Lebanese and Palestinian donors.
  2. The Holly Mecca Will Become an Open Air Islamic Arts Museum
    Participants from 17 countries from around the globe have so far entered an Islamic art competition that is being held to beautify Makkah and turn it into an open Islamic art museum.
  3. Indian Scholars: Muslim Community Needs Justice Not Alms
    Muslim community needs justice not alms. The Muslims should not be deprived of their rights guaranteed to them in the Indian Constitution as citizens of the country.
  4. Pakistani Shia Ulema: Main target of Quetta bomb explosion was Shia scholar Allama Najfi
    * 7 children, 3 women among those injured * Shia Ulema Council says main target was Shia scholar Allama Najfi
  5. 230,000 Qur’an copies distributed
    The Ministry of Awqaf (Endowments) and Islamic Affairs has distributed some 230,000 copies of the Mas’haf Qatar (Holy Qur’an) in Qatar and is preparing to distribute copies outside the country.
  6. 2500 Quran Memorizers Receive Certificates in Turkey Annually
    An official with Turkey’s Religious Affairs Department said that every year some 2500 individuals receive Quran memorization certificates after attending the country’s summer Quran classes.
  7. Iraq: Allawi bloc MP killed in Mosul
    Unidentified gunmen have killed an Iraqi lawmaker from the parliamentary bloc of former Iraqi Prime Minister Iyad Allawi in the northern Iraqi city of Mosul.
  8. Online answering to religious questions in English
    The office of Grand Ayatollah Makarem Shirazi announced a special time for answering to English users for online answering to religious questions.
  9. Quetta: Shia community starts Long March towards Quetta on 4th July
    The leaders of Pakistani Shia Community on Sunday warned that they would start a Long-March towards Quetta from across the country and besiege the Governor and Chief Minister house on July 4th, if their demands would not fulfill.
  10. Islamic finance set to be a $2 trillion global industry
    DUBAI — Islamic finance is set to be a $2 trillion worldwide industry in the next five years, according to Rushdi Siddiqui, Global Head of Islamic finance of Thomson Reuters.