1. Huge disparities among Muslim countries despite wealth
    KUALA LUMPUR: The Organisation of the Islamic Conference (OIC) has stated that despite member countries having more than USD 10 trillion in total gross domestic product (GDP) there still exist huge disparities among Muslim countries.
  2. French Muslim Council warns government on veil ban
    (Reuters) – France’s official Muslim council has warned the government not to expect it to impose a planned ban on full face veils for women that legal experts argue will be unconstitutional and police predict will be unenforceable.
  3. Slow pace of Ayodhya trial main issue on MPLB agenda
    LUCKNOW: Slow pace of Ayodhya trial in CBI court is one of the main issues on the agenda coming up before annual working committee meeting of the All India Muslim Personal Law Board (AIMPLB). The meet is slated to be held in Aurangaband on June 6.
  4. Brunei Halal more of obligation than business interest
    The Brunei Halal Brand’s strict and stringent certification and accreditation requirements are in place to serve the Muslim community as part of a Muslim obligation and not out of business or commercial interest.
  5. Afghan gathering agrees peace moves with Taliban
    (Reuters) – Afghan tribal elders and religious leaders agreed on Friday to make peace with the Taliban, handing President Hamid Karzai a mandate to open negotiations with the insurgents who are fighting foreign forces and his government
  6. Afghan IED sweepers face cunning Taliban enemy
    Afghanistan (Reuters) – An Afghan soldier with a metal detector scans a road for the biggest killer they face in the war against the Taliban — an improvised explosive device (IED).
  7. Storm makes landfall in Oman
    MUSCAT – At least two people were killed after a much weakened Cyclone Phet struck Oman on Friday morning with gale-force winds driving thundershowers across several regions of the country
  8. Waves rise at UAE eastern coast
    ABU DHABI – The UAE Eastern Coast has been affected by Typhoon Phet, which has turned into a tropical storm at the speed 85 km / h, while sea wave has risen 4 to 6 feet as water entered to certain nearby areas as a result of waves backlash and the rising tide.
  9. 60,000 evacuated in Sindh as Phet looms
    KARACHI — Sindh government on Thursday declared state of emergency in several districts and as a precautionary measure evacuated nearly 60,000 people in the wake of expected landing of cyclone ‘Phet’ on Pakistan’s coastline in the next 24-36 hours.
  10. Taliban commander in Kandahar dead: NATO
    NATO said Friday that troops had killed the Taliban’s top commander for Kandahar city in a gunbattle with insurgents armed with machine-guns and rocket-propelled grenades