1. Shia Men & Localities being Attacked by Sipah e Sahaba Terrorists
    The Terrorists were chanting Anti Shia Slogans, and calling them infidels, which infuriated the Shia Youth who also came on the streets of their homes in the Incholi society, but when this Procession tried to enter Incholi Society area, Block 20 Federal B ‘Area , One of the Shia Locality of Karachi.
  2. Kyrgyzstan clashes death toll hits 37
    Ethnic clashes between Kyrgyz and Uzbeks have flared up in Kyrgyzstan’s southern city of Osh, where at least 37 people have been killed.
  3. Blast kills 9 Afghan civilians
    A roadside bomb has killed at least nine people and wounded several others in southern Afghanistan amid growing discontent over the civilian causalities.
  4. Bombing kills 2 US troops, 5 Iraqis
    An bomb has been set off near a US military patrol in eastern Iraq, killing seven people, including two US troopers, and wounding more than 20 others.
  5. “Elaborate Plot” to Assassinate Allawi Backed by Regional Party
    Baghdad, Asharq Al-Awsat – Senior Arab and Iraqi security officials revealed to Asharq Al-Awsat what it described as an “elaborate plot” to assassinate the head of the Iraqiya List, Iyad Allawi. The sources said that “local groups are involved in this plot and it is also backed by a regional party.”
  6. NATO warns Afghan success not yet assured
    BRUSSELS, (Reuters) – NATO warned on Friday that success was not yet assured in the fight against a tough Taliban insurgency in Afghanistan and Washington acknowledged that progress in its counter-insurgency strategy was tentative.
  7. Saudi HRC Releases Results of Survey on Harassment
    The Eastern Province branch of the Saudi Human Rights Commission revealed the results of a survey that looked at cases of verbal and physical harassment.
  8. Iraqi Shi’ite blocs merge, no PM choice yet
    BAGHDAD, (Reuters) – Iraq’s two main Shi’ite electoral blocs announced their merger on Thursday under a new name, National Alliance, but have yet to resolve differences over their nominee for prime minister.
  9. Abu Dhabi to finance Bahrain’s electric grid project
    ABU DHABI — The Abu Dhabi Fund for Development, or ADFD, a government fund involved in the economic development of developing nations, has advanced a loan amounting to Dh184 million to the Kingdom of Bahrain that will be used to erect two electric transmission lines of 220KV and 66KV each to meet the continuing increase in demand for electric power.
  10. Mosques nationwide to be turned into community centres
    PUTRAJAYA: Mosques nationwide will be turned into one-stop centres where Muslims can go, not only to worship and deepen their knowledge on Islam, but also seek advice and counselling from family and religious experts in times of trouble.