1. Another Prominent Shia Martyred by the Firing of Wahhabi Outfit Sipah-e-Sahaba Terrorists
    Another Shia embraced Martydom, in the ongoing Target Killing of Shia Community in Karachi, Syed Ayub Naqvi (Asma Publisher, Publisher Islamic Book’s ) Embracaed martyrdom by the firing of terrorists of Sipah-e -Sahaba on Monday 11.15 am at Nazimabad Eidgah gound Petrol Pump Karachi.
  2. Kyrgyzstan tense as Uzbek refugees massed at border
    Kyrgyz govt called on intl community to send urgent foodstuff and medical equipment as some 75 thousand people gathered in an area in the border region.
  3. OIC head to visit Muslim Uighur regions in China
    Ihsanoglu will travel to China on a one-week visit upon an invitation from the Chinese government.
  4. First meeting of Iraq parliament took only 20 minutes!
    The ceremony gave way to political reality as it ended only 20 minutes later, reflecting the failure of political groups to assemble a viable coalition since a March 7 general election.
  5. In 8 years, 500 Afghan elders killed
    At least 500 Afghan tribal leaders, who were against the invasion of the country by US-led forces, have been suspiciously killed in Kandahar in the past eight years.
  6. Lebanon Banking on Strong Growth to Reduce Debt
    BEIRUT (AFP) – Forecast to post economic growth of eight percent this year, Lebanon plans to launch reforms to slash its debt-to-GDP ratio, which remains among the world’s highest eclipsing even Greece’s.
  7. Egyptians Beaten While Protesting Police Brutality
    CAIRO, (AP) – Egyptian security forces hit protesters and knocked some to the ground before rounding dozens up at a demonstration Sunday against a police beating that killed a young man a week ago.
  8. Yemen says Thwarts al Qaeda Plot in Oil Province
    SANAA (Reuters) – Yemen has thwarted an al Qaeda plot to attack vital installations in a province that is home to much of the country’s oil resources and a key pipeline that ferries crude to the coast, the defense ministry said Monday.
  9. Egypt’s first solar plant to open by year’s end
    CAIRO – Egypt will open its first solar energy plant by the end of this year, electricity and energy minister Hassan Yunis said in a report published on Monday on the ministry’s website.
  10. Snap ties with BJP: JD(U) Muslim leaders tell CM
    PATNA: The Muslim leaders of the JD(U) are happy over what they called “chief minister Nitish Kumar’s befitting reply to the conspiracy hatched by Gujarat CM Narendra Modi” through an advertisement.