1. Azerbaijan to introduce Islamic banking
    The chairman of the Central Bank of Azerbaijan has addressed the Islamic Development Bank’s (IDB) board of governors, meeting in Baku.
  2. Iran to open consulate in Najaf soon
    Iran plans to open a consulate in the holy city of Najaf, Iraq, on next Saturday, June 26.
  3. Thousands of Pakistani Shia Muslims condemn target killings in Karachi
    Shia Muslims staged a huge “Difaa-e-Tashayyo” anti-terrorism and anti-genocide rally in Karachi on Sunday.
  4. 730 Quranic Programs Held in Qom Last Year
    According to head of the Organization of Islamic Dissemination in the holy city of Qom, some 370 Quranic programs were held in the city during last year (March 2009-2010).
  5. Nepal bans school book after Muslim outcry
    The Nepal government on Monday banned a school textbook after growing outcry by Muslims over an “objectionable” illustration depicting Prophet Mohammed as a woman-like figure and containing “erroneous interpretations” of Islam.
  6. Dozens Detained in Anti-Government Rally in Egypt
    CAIRO, (AP) – Egyptian security forces beat and arrested dozens of protesters on Sunday when they attempted to march through downtown Cairo in the latest demonstration against police brutality following the death of young man, witnesses and police said.
  7. Afghan academic: Muslim publishers need to identity addressees
    An Afghan university lecturer said here Sunday that Muslim publishers need to identify their readers to tailor their works to their needs.
  8. Kosovo Muslims protest hijab ban
    Thousands of Kosovo Muslims have taken to the streets in Pristina to protest a new ban, which forbids girls from wearing headscarves in public schools.
  9. Norway: Sharia courts a possibility
    In the UK, local Sharia councils have been operating for many years, but in 2007 the Muslim Arbitration Tribunals (MAT) were established. Recognized by the UK’s justice ministry and the Archbishop of Canterbury, the Sharia councils were officially allowed to judge in civil – not criminal – cases, based on the British Arbitration Act of 1996.
  10. Firms get ready for a surge in demand for sharia-compliant investments
    Three years ago, great things were predicted for the marriage of private equity with sharia-compliant investment. Middle Eastern investors, flush with cash from high oil prices, were keen to target new sectors while abiding by Islamic laws that prohibit interest payments and require the sharing of profit and loss.