1. Ashura blast DNA test confirms death of missing person
    Six months after the Ashura blast, one of the two missing participants of the procession has finally been identified through a second type of DNA profiling, it has been learnt.
  2. Four Shia men laid to rest in Karachi
    KARACHI: Protest were reported in various areas of the city on Sunday during the funeral processions of four members of the Shia community – two men martyred on Saturday and two victims of the Ashura blast.
  3. Shia city of Najaf to get ultra-modern monorail system
    The Iraqi shrine city of Najaf, whose medieval-style alleyways host millions of Shiite pilgrims every year, has signed a deal for a monorail to rival that of Dubai, a provincial official said on Sunday.
  4. Egypt’s Grand Mufti: It is Permissible to Use Shia Jurisprudence
    Egypt’s Grand Mufti , Ali Gomaa has declared that it is permissible to use Shia Imamiya Jurisprudence which is useful for the Islamic Ummah.
  5. 700,000 Observing Itikaf across Iran
    Some 700,000 individuals, mostly youth, are observing Itikaf (spiritual retreat) in mosques across the country, head of the Mosques Affairs Center told.
  6. Iraqi policeman killed in Mosul bombing
    A roadside bomb explosion in Iraq has left at least one police officer dead and five other policemen wounded in the northern city of Mosul.
  7. Blast kills 8 in central Afghanistan
    At least eight civilians have lost their lives in a Taliban-type bombing attack in the central Afghan province of Ghazni, local police officials say
    A MUSLIM organisation linked to a banned preacher is being investigated over books it sells
  9. Nitish govt to restore powers of Madrasa Board
    Gopalganj: Apparently seeking to woo the minority community in the forthcoming assembly polls, Chief Minister Nitish Kumar today said that the Madrasa Board will get back its power to grant recognition to educational institutions run by Muslim seminaries in the state.
  10. 18 dead in Pakistan gas tanker blast
    KARACHI – A gas tanker exploded in the southern Pakistani city of Hyderabad on Monday, killing at least 18 people and destroying several nearby shops, officials said.