1. 13 killed in Iraq attacks, including army general
    BAGHDAD – A series of bombings and shootings around Iraq Tuesday claimed 13 lives, including four policemen, an Iraqi army general and a 9-year-old girl, Iraqi officials said.
  2. Finland: New Muslim lifestyle magazine
    Finland will see a new magazine created by young Muslins, in August. The magazine will include matters of daily interest and features ranging from fashion to sport as seen from a Muslim perspective. The staff of the magazine, Umma, says they also want to reach young ethnic Finnish readers.
  3. Turkey expects Arab tourist flow before Ramadan
    Turkish tourism officials expect a significant flow of Arab tourists to Turkey in July, prior to the Islamic month of Ramadan to start in August.
  4. Wahhabis’ anti – Shia Propaganda Foiled
    So for Ms Abdullah, a visit to the largely Shia coastal region of Qatif was an eye-opening experience. She was surprised to learn that Saudi Shia speak Arabic not Farsi and revere the Koran, rather than “texts sent from Iran”.
  5. Mastung: Abdul Aleem Shot Martyred
    The target killing of Shia Muslims continues across the country including Mastung Balochistan as the terrorists of outlawed Nasabi’s outfit Sipah-e-Sahaba and Taliban martyred Abdul Aleem Mangi in Mastung, Balochistan
  6. Iraq rivals meet to bring premiership row to head
    Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki and his arch rival for the premiership Iyad Allawi met on Wednesday, aides said, in a bid to resolve a row that has stalled coalition talks for months.
  7. Iraq Approves Gas Deal with Shell
    Iraq has approved a multibillion-dollar joint venture deal with Royal Dutch Shell PLC to tap associated natural gas in the south of the country.
  8. Kuwaiti women’s progress an eye-opener
    Though they hold only four seats in the 50-member Kuwait’s Majlis-e-Ummah (the Parliament), the Kuwaiti Muslim women have specific reasons to view their presence in the House as a major success.
  9. Arab tribes sign peace deal in Sudan’s Darfur
    Two rival Arab tribes have signed a peace deal in Sudan’s Darfur region, peacekeepers said Tuesday, raising hopes for an end to fighting that has killed more than 200 people since March.
  10. Bangladesh Jamaat leaders held on anti-Muslim charge
    Bangladesh police on Tuesday arrested three top leaders of Jamaat-e-Islami, the country’s biggest Islamic political party, on charges of hurting religious sentiments of Muslims in a case likely to trigger protests.