1. Al-Houthi’s group accuses the Yemeni government of bombing villages in the province of Saada
    Al-Houthi’s group announced that some villages in the area Al-Amshia, northwestern part of the province of Saada in northern Yemen, was bombed by rockets from the Dechev Camp in the region.
  2. Shia organisations show their displeasure towards the Muslim Council of Britain
    The World Federation of Khoja Shia Ithna Asheri Muslim Communities (KSIMC), The Council of European Jamaats and the Al Khoei Foundation have collectively noted with deep concern the support provided by the Muslim Council of Britain for Dr. Zakir Naik.
  3. International Islamic University Malaysia Launches Nine Islamic Religious and Perspective Books
    The publishing arm of the International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM) Tuesday launched nine Islamic religious and perspective books written by different authors, to appreciate and honour their academic staff.
  4. Chechen President: Ukraine has more Evil Wahabis than Chechnya
    Chechen President Ramzan Kadyrov believes that today there are more evil Wahhabis in Ukraine than in his motherland.
  5. ISESCO to hold Quran educational meeting in Istanbul
    The Islamic Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (ISESCO), in association with the Muslim World League-affiliated Holy Quran Memorization International Organization (HQMIO), and in coordination with Darüsselam Vakfı in Turkey, will hold an educational meeting for Quran memorizers, on 3-7 July 2010.
  6. World’s most Famous holy Quran calligraphers in Medina
    The world’s most famous holy Quran calligraphers will attend a congress from April 26 to May 2 in 2011 in the holy city of Medina.
  7. 15 killed as Turkish army clashes with rebels
    Eleven Kurdish rebels, a soldier and three members of a Kurdish militia, part of the security forces, were killed in clashes in southeast Turkey, Anatolia news agency reported Thursday.
  8. Catalonian parliament rejects burqa ban
    BARCELONA – Catalonia’s parliament rejected Thursday a move to ban the wearing of the Islamic burqa in public places across the Spanish region after reversing an initial vote.
  9. Indonesia’s last glacier will melt within years
    Indonesia – Lonnie Thompson spent years preparing for his expedition to the remote, mist-shrouded mountains of eastern Indonesia, hoping to chronicle the affect of global warming on the last remaining glacier in the Pacific. He’s worried he got there too late.
  10. ‘Veil martyr’ honored in Germany
    A plaque has been unveiled in Germany to commemorate the Egyptian Marwa el-Sherbini, dubbed the “veil martyr,” who was stabbed to death in a courtroom last year.