1. 338 illegal expat workers arrested in Bahrain
    MANAMA – A total of 338 illegal expatriate workers have been arrested by authorities in Bahrain, out of whom 110 face deportation.
  2. Overcoming taboo, Iraq turns to dogs to fight bombs
    BAGHDAD – A “dirty dozen” bomb-sniffing dogs whose canine nature makes them taboo in the Arab world is helping to win over Iraqis to the idea dogs are man’s best friend — especially when the animal saves your life.
  3. Lebanon’s Grand Ayatollah Fadlallah hospitalised
    BEIRUT – Lebanon’s top Shia cleric, Grand Ayatollah Mohammed Hussein Fadlallah, 75, was hospitalised in Beirut for internal bleeding on Friday, hospital officials said.
  4. Egypt arrests 8 Muslim Brotherhood members
    The death of Khaled Said, 28, on June 6 in Alexandria, whom rights groups say died as a result of police brutality, has sparked public protests.
  5. Hakim invites Iraqis to unity
    The Head of Iraqi High Islamic Assembly Ammar Hakim invited the country’s political groups to unity and integrity against the enemies.
  6. US MPs urge an end to Afghan war
    A group of US lawmakers allied with the White House called Thursday for an end to the Afghan war, labeling it an unwinnable battle, and comparing it to Vietnam War.
  7. In Pakistan, blasts kill 37, injure 175
    Two consecutive explosions at a popular Muslim shrine close to in the Pakistan’s eastern city of Lahore have left at least 37 people dead and almost 200 injured.
  8. Fatwas war in Saudi Arabia
    Saudi’s ultra-conservatives hold on to old views as Islamic progressives push for modern fatwas.
  9. Muslim Community Must Strive Towards Common Standards Acceptable To All, Says Najib
    The Muslim community must strive towards achieving common standards acceptable to all in realising the full potential of the halal sector for the benefit of the Ummah globally.
  10. HRW calls on Saudi to release rights activist
    Human Rights Watch has called on Saudi Arabia to free a rights activist it says was arrested for criticising attacks by Sunni clerics on Shiite Muslims.