1. Iran to host Islamic nanotech center
    The head of the Iranian Materials and Energy Research Center says the Nanotechnology Network for the Islamic countries will be established in Iran.
  2. Iran denies stoning claims
    Iran’s embassy in London has denied claims by media and human rights groups that the country’s judiciary has sentenced a woman to death by stoning.
  3. Tehran hosts Persian carpet festival
    Tehran is hosting the fifth nationwide exquisite Persian carpet festival to bring different types of Persian carpets under one roof for all to marvel at.
  4. Iraq Shia pilgrims trudge on as bombs continue
    BAGHDAD – Thousands of Iraqi Shia pilgrims trudged resolutely through blood-spattered streets on Thursday in an annual ritual paying homage to a Shia Imam despite suicide and roadside bombs that killed dozens.
  5. Malaysia appoints 1st female Islamic court judges
    KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia – Malaysia’s Islamic Shariah courts have appointed their first female judges — a move praised by women’s rights activists Thursday as a boost for a judicial system often accused of favoring men.
  6. Islamic Circle of North America: Islamophobia Must be Condemned
    ATLANTA, Georgia – The Islamic Circle of North America issued a press release today, strongly condemning the arson attack on a mosque in Marietta, GA, a suburb outside Atlanta.
  7. 147 thousand books for Quran center have been published in Eastern Azerbaijan
    Institute director of Quran kindergarten in east Azerbaijan asserted publishing of 147 thousand copies of text books for Provincial Quran kindergarten.
  8. Summer Quranic Activities Kick off in Yemen
    42 summer centers of Quran memorization started their Quranic courses on July 5 in Yemen’s Aden Province with 6000 students participating in the courses.
  9. Grand opening of the Imam Hussain Mosque, Madrasah and Cultural Centre in South Africa
    The Shia Muslim community of Durban is extending its heartfelt invitation to all brothers and sisters around the world to attend its grand opening of the newly built Imam Husain Mosque, Madrasah and Cultural Centre.
  10. Quran Events for Foreign Communities in Dubai
    Starting August 8 this year, foreign communities in Dubai will have a chance to understand and memorize the Holy Quran during Ramadan.