1. Iran inaugurates softgel production line
    Iranian researchers have succeeded to establish the country’s largest production line for softgel capsules based on the latest technologies.
  2. Muslim airline worker sues over ‘bomb maker’ taunt
    AN airline worker is suing his company for allegedly letting co-workers call him a “bomb maker” and a “Paki”.
  3. Somali groups pledge unity against govt.
    Leaders of Somalia’s two anti-government movements have held talks to unite their forces against the government of President Sheikh Sharif Sheikh Ahmed.
  4. Muslim clerics oppose Right to Education
    Nearly a year after India passed the landmark right to education law making schooling compulsory, influential madrasa administrators are preparing to resist it, maintaining the law is a threat to Muslim religious schools.
  5. Weak lending as GCC banks remain risk-cautious
    DUBAI — The GCC banking sector still appear to be struggling despite the relatively upbeat regional economic outlook as bank lending remains weak and institutions are holding a large amount of idle cash, the latest report by National Bank of Kuwait observed.
  6. Sudan calls on US to lift sanctions
    Khartoum has asked the United States to lift its unilateral sanctions on the country, saying the Sudanese people are suffering the most from the impact of the “unjust” measure.
  7. Kurds clash with police in Istanbul
    A group of Kurds have clashed with Turkish riot police in the Gazi district of Istanbul.
  8. Saudi probes oil smuggling to Europe
    The government of Saudi Arabia is investigating a smuggling operation that shipped cheap oil to Europe for over eleven years, a report says.
  9. In 1 year, Shia family loses 3 members to target killings
    “My brother was not a member of any political or sectarian party. He was killed just because he was a Shia.” [Victim’s sister]
  10. Nine killed in Iraq violence
    A spate of attacks has killed nine people in Iraq, mostly in capital Baghdad, against a backdrop of increasing violence in the city over the past days.