1. Harrods has designs on Islamic fashion
    DUBAI: Fashion designer Hind Beljafla makes abayas to match the Gucci shoes and Hermes handbags of high-spending women in the Gulf.
  2. NASA chief denounced for seeking help from Muslim scientists
    White House spokesman Robert Gibbs on Monday denounced press statements by NASA Director Charles Bolden during his recent visit to Egypt, in which he said that NASA welcomes help from Muslim scientists.
  3. Yemen, Qatar to revive peace agreement with rebels
    SANAA – Yemen and Qatar have agreed to try to revive a Qatari-mediated peace agreement with northern Yemeni Shi’ite rebels, state media reported on Tuesday.
  4. French lawmakers approve full veil ban
    French lawmakers voted overwhelmingly Tuesday to ban the wearing of face-covering veils in public spaces, as Europe toughens its approach.
  5. EU suspends Afghan aid package
    The European Union says it has suspended a 600-million-euro aid package to Afghanistan in a bid to ensure that the fund will be used for the country’s top priorities.
  6. Dozen dead in Iraq bombings
    Iraqi security sources have announced that separate bomb attacks have killed at least eleven people and wounded several others in the war-weary country.
  7. Wahhabi Imam arrested for painting Saddam Hussein’s name on mosque
    The Wahhabi imam of the main mosque in Saddam Hussein’s former stronghold Tikrit has been arrested for spray-painting the late dictator’s name on the mosque.
  8. Amnesty slams France veil ban
    Amnesty International has decried a vote by French lawmakers to ban the wearing of full veils in public places saying it violates the rights to freedom of expression and religion.
  9. ‎29 Pak MPs have fake degrees‎
    A probe finds that at least 29 Pakistani lawmakers have lied about their academic qualifications as the investigation still continues.
  10. ‘Simi ban needed to bring Muslims in mainstream’
    New Delhi: The Centre on Tuesday justified its decision before a tribunal to extend the ban on the Students Islamic Movement of India (Simi), saying such action was needed to bring the Muslim community into the mainstream by checking its “disgruntled” elements.