1. JAP demands operation against terrorists
    JAPJaffaria Alliance Pakistan (JAP) Allama Abbas Kumaili has demanded of the Parliament, Armed Forces, Clerics, Media and civil society to declare the war against religious extremists, while the entire nation will support them.
  2. Head of Muslim Board in Gagry shot dead in Abkhazia
    Representative of the Abkhazian Spiritual Muslim Board Emik Chakmach-ogly was killed in the center of Gagry, the General Prosecutor’s Office told journalists on Saturday.
  3. Bahrain Shias not expecting major gains in poll
    Bahrain’s main opposition group, the Shia Muslim Al Wefaq bloc, will field candidates for up to 24 out of 40 voting districts in upcoming elections and does not expect to win a majority, an official said on Monday.
  4. Sharjah Islamic Bank’s profit surges 23% in H1
    Sharjah Islamic Bank has announced a 23 per cent jump in its net profit for the first half of the current year compared with the same period last year.
  5. Quran Seminar Planned in Bursa, Turkey
    A Quran seminar is planned to be held this weekend in Bursa, Turkey, Jihan newspaper reported.
  6. Iranian Reciters Top Reciters in Islamic World
    Iranian Quran reciters are among the leading ones in the Islamic world, said a Sri Lankan Quran reciter.
  7. Chechen Insurgent Wahhabis Destroyed Prayer House in Pankisi Gorge
    Tbilisi, Georgia — Group of Chechen Wahabis destroyed a prayer house of traditional Muslims in the Georgian village of Birkiani in the Pankisi Gorge, the Kakheti Information Center reported on Tuesday.
  8. 100.000 Dollars annual revenue of mosques’ endowments in Sistan
    Sistan, Iran — Assistant director of endowment and welfare affair organization sistan and Baluchistan announced one milliard and 800 million rials (100.000 $) annual revenue of mosques’ endowment of the province.
  9. Spanish lawmakers reject plan for burqa ban study
    MADRID – A proposal for a study of a ban on full-length Islamic veils in public places was thrown out by the Spanish parliament on Tuesday, weeks after France and Belgium outlawed the wearing of the garments.
  10. Saudi men abandon 598 families abroad: panel
    JEDDAH — Saudi husbands and fathers have abandoned 598 families abroad, according to Awasir — the Society for the Welfare of Saudi Families Abroad.