1. Taiwanese Manufacturers Looking At Halal Certification For Food Products
    KUALA LUMPUR, July — Taiwanese authorities are looking at the possibility of making the country’s food products acceptable in the halal market.
  2. Cultural Exhibition Underway in Glasgow during Sha’abaniya Feasts
    A cultural exhibition titled “Milad Ta Milad (birthday to birthday) is being held in the city of Glasgow, Scotland by the Iranian Cultural Center in Britain.
  3. Shia man completes six months in detention because of Baqea protest
    For more than six continuous months, family sources indicated that the Saudi authorities are still detaining the Shiite citizen Mohammed Isa Al Labbad who was allegedly accused of participating in a protest that took place last year in Awamiyah town in Qatif province of the eastern part of Saudi Arabia.
  4. Iraqi Shia Advisor of Agriculture Minister’s Secretary Martyred
    Last night in a terrorist attack Iraq’s Advisor of Agriculture Minister’s Secretary hit in Baghdad and martyred today after a few hours in coma.
  5. Yemeni Shia welcome Qatari role in achieving peace
    Yemen’s Shia on Tuesday welcomed an offer by Qatar to help consolidate a truce between the northern Shia and the Sanaa government, a spokesman said.
  6. Indonesian Police warn against Ramadan raids
    The Jakarta Police vowed to protect entertainment centers from violent raids from hard-line organizations during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, which starts next month.
  7. Islamic TV Channel in Spanish Planned
    The first Islamic TV network in Spanish will be launched during the holy month of Ramadan (August 11-Spetemebr 9), Moheet website reports.
  8. 15,000 security elements deployed in Karbala for mid-Shaaban pilgrimage
    KARBALA / Aswat al-Iraq: More than 15,000 security elements have been deployed in Karbala in preparations for the Al-Ziyara al-Shaabaniya (mid-Shaaban pilgrimage), according to a media police source.
  9. Iraqi Police Source: Plot to target Shiite Shaabaniya
    Holy KARBALA, Iraq: There is information that the Shaabaniya Shiite occasion that will occur next week will be targeted by “terrorist groups,” a member of the Karbala Provincial Council said on Wednesday.
  10. Dutch Muslim activist: Kuwait is good example of Islam, modernity
    Around 150 Muslims, mostly European converts to Islam, with their families are meeting in a farm turned to a camping site in southern Holland to listen to Muslim speakers from around the world.