1. Saudi Shias to Celebrate Imam Zaman(a.s.) Birthday
    The auspicious birthday of Imam Zaman (may God hasten his glad advent) will be celebrated tomorrow and the day after (July 25-6) in Saudi cities where Shia Muslims live.
  2. Saudi Wahhabi cleric says it’s OK for Saudi women to uncover faces in countries trying to ban the veil
    A popular Saudi Wahhabi cleric says it is permissible for Saudi women to reveal their faces in countries where the Islamic veil is banned, while criticizing efforts in Europe to outlaw the garment.
  3. Iran arrests suspected mosque bombing accomplices
    TEHRAN (AFP) – Iran said on Saturday that it has arrested suspected accomplices of two suicide bombers who attacked a Shiite mosque in the restive southeast earlier this month killing at least 28 people.
  4. Spanish mayor closes ‘too popular’ mosque
    A Spanish mayor has told Muslim worshippers to “pray at home” and closed the town’s mosque because it was too popular.
  5. Iraqi Minister: Iraq needs 3,000 psychiatrists
    KARBALA, Iraq: Iraqi Minister of Health Saleh Mahdi al-Hassanawi said on Friday that his country would need 3,000 psychiatrists in addition to the current 100 serving inside the war-torn nation.
  6. Al Hakim calls on Maliki to cede power
    Head of the Supreme Islamic Council Sayyed Ammar Al Hakim called on Prime Minister Nuri Al Maliki without naming him to cede power and give opportunities for others to form the government and help the country out of its crisis.
  7. Women from 30 Countries Take Part in Hashimiya Quran competition
    The 5th edition of Hashimiya international Quran competition for women kicked off yesterday, July 22, in the Jordanian capital of Amman, Al-Ray daily reports.
  8. PFI trying to make Kerala a ‘Muslim country’, says VS
    Adopting a belligerent stand against Muslim extremism, Kerala Chief Minister V S Achuthanandan on Saturday said the radical Popular Front of India (PFI), which hit the headlines recently after its activists were accused of chopping off the hand of a college lecturer, was aiming to convert Kerala into a “Muslim country” in the next 20 years.
  9. ‘DU weapons behind rise in cancer’
    A research study on the cause of the rise in cancer and birth defect cases in Iraq shows traces of chemical and radioactive ammunition used by US-led troops in the war-torn country.
  10. Al-Qaeda behind deadly Sahwa attack
    Al-Qaeda elements in Iraq have claimed responsibility for two attacks against their former Sunni allies and the death of at least 43 people.