1. Three killed, including two police, in Iraq blasts
    BAGHDAD – A spate of bomb attacks in Baghdad and northern Iraq on Sunday killed three people, including two policemen, and wounded 22 others, security officials said.
  2. Muslims seeks compensation after raid to Masjid
    London, UK — A Masjid is seeking compensation from police after officers swooped on the place of worship during a drugs raid.
  3. Right-wing group clashes with Muslims in Luton
    Scores of police had to break up clashes between members of the right-wing English Defence League (EDL) and Muslims in Luton town centre on Thursday.
  4. Dubai to extend bus service during Ramadan
    The Public Transport Agency (PTA) of the Roads and Transport Authority will reschedule bus routes during the holy month of Ramadan and grant Sharjah Transport the franchise to shuttle passengers between the two emirates.
  5. Yemen president says ‘no’ to war with Shia Muslims
    Yemen’s President Ali Abdullah Saleh said Sunday he did not want another war with Shiite in northern Yemen, after a week of clashes reportedly killed at least 70 people.
  6. Idea of Mahdaviat Should be Introduced to the World
    Through an organized cultural strategy, the Awaited Imam (may God hasten his glad advent) should be introduced and the idea of Mahdaviat (awaiting the savior) should be spread in the world, an Al-Azhar University professor said.
  7. Quran Memorization and Interpretation Summer Course to Be Held in Baghdad
    Al-Hoda girls’ School in Baghdad is holding an intensive course of Quran memorization and interpretation for girls during the summer.
  8. By going after Modi, Cong hopes to lighten Babri taint
    NEW DELHI: For a party carrying the cross of Babri demolition for two decades, losing the loyalty of the Muslim community in the process, the arrest of Gujarat’s junior home minister Amit Shah holds out hope of redemption in the “secular” bloc.
  9. Regional conference on Islamic education in Uganda
    The first regional conference on “Islamic Education in Uganda: Consolidating Gains, Ensuring a better Future” has opened today in Kampala, Republic of Uganda.
  10. Kerala CM reignites ‘love jihad’ theory
    THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: Kerala Chief Minister V S Achutanandan’s charge that the Popular Front of India (PFI), which allegedly masterminded the Taliban-style attack on a college lecturer, had plans to Islamize Kerala in 20 years using “money and marriages” has reignited the “love jihad’ controversy, hotly debated in the state last year.