1. Shabaniyah festival … millions descending to Holy Karbala
    Ziyarah Ash-Shabaniyah or the Shabaniyah festival, which climaxes on Wednesday Shaban 15 July 28, marks the birth anniversary of the Imam of Era Al-Imam Mohammed Al-Mahdi (A), the 12th infallible descendant of Prophet Mohammed (S) and the Last Proof of Allah, who disappeared in the 9th century.
  2. Saudi Arabia to cleanse schoolbooks from ‘hatred’
    Riyadh said it is on track to clean up all hints of hatred of others and intolerance in Saudi textbooks. These books are also used in Saudi-funded schools in the West.
  3. Kenya Muslim Leaders And Youth Attend Training On HIV/Aids
    Rift Valley — Over 30 imams and 82 Muslim youth from across the Rift Valley province in Kenya, attended a three-day training aimed at equipping the participants with skills and knowledge on how to deal with HIV/AIDS pandemic.
  4. 8000 Lorestanis to Participae in Quranic Concepts Distance Education
    8000 people in Lorestan Province have registered for the distance course of Quranic concepts in “Seyyed Ali Qazi” Quranic Institute affiliated with the Islamic Development Office in the province.
  5. “Teenagers and Quran” Seminar to Be Held in Kuwait
    A seminar tilted “Teenagers and Quran” is to be held in Kuwait, said Valid Al-Shoayb, Mosques Affairs deputy of the country’s Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs.
  6. Decision of forming government should be Iraqi
    Head of the Iraqi Islamic Supreme Council Sayyed Ammar Al Hakim stressed that the decision of forming the next government should be an Iraqi decision away from external interferences.
  7. Islamic schools for women thrive in Pakistan
    ISLAMABAD — To its detractors, the Al-Huda chain of Islamic schools across Pakistan is a driver of conservative Islam, especially among the secular elite. But to the thousands who attend its classes across the country, it is a blessing.
  8. 50 suspects arrested ahead of Shiite pilgrimage in holy Karbala
    More than 50 suspects were arrested in preemptive operations that have started three days ago within preparations for the Shiite al-Ziyara al-Shaabaniya pilgrimage in Karbala, according to the city’s police chief on Sunday.
  9. 30,000 Security Personnel Deployed for Holy Karbala Pilgrimage
    Holy KARBALA, Iraq: More than 30,000 security personnel were deployed in nine intersections of Karbala within preparations for the Shiite pilgrimage of al-Ziyara al-Shaabaniya.
  10. US hunts for leaker of Afghan war documents
    The Pentagon said on Monday it was launching a manhunt to find whoever leaked tens of thousands of classified documents on the war in Afghanistan, one of the largest security breaches in U.S. military history.