1. Iraq’s bloodiest month in 2 years ends
    The Iraqi government has announced that July was the deadliest month in the country in more than two years.
  2. Quake strikes Iran for second day: reports
    TEHRAN – A 5.8 magnitude earthquake struck southern Iran on Saturday, reports said without providing details on any casualties, a day after a weaker quake injured over 270 people in the country’s northeast.
  3. Saudi Shia Muslim Detained in Custody Since Thirty Months Without Trial
    For thirty months, the Saudi Wahhabi police is still holding a Shia citizen Ridha Algashaam for unidentified reasons and without formal charges to date.
  4. Quranic Sciences University to Be Launched in Tabriz
    The construction project of Quranic Sciences University started in Tabriz with the presence of the representative of the Supreme Leader and head of Awqaf and Charity Affairs Organization, as well as a number of officials of East Azerbaijan Province.
  5. Makkah Metro ready to serve Haj pilgrims
    Riyadh The Makkah Metro will begin operating this Haj at 33 per cent capacity, transporting local and GCC pilgrims in its first phase, Saudi Haj Minister Fouad Abdul Salam Al Farsi said yesterday.
  6. Sweden Celebrated Mid-Sha’ban
    According to Ahlul Bayt News Agency – ABNA.ir – Sweden Shia and Muslims gathered in Ahlul Bayt (a.s) Assembly in Stockholm. The gathering held for celebrating the birthday of Imam Mahdi (aj.t.f.s).
  7. Mid-Sha’ban Celebrated in Hamburg
    According to Ahlul Bayt News Agency – ABNA.ir – Shia gathered in Imam Ali (a.s) Masjid in Hamburg and celebrated the birthday of Imam Mahdi (aj.t.f.s).
  8. Two-days conference held in Sri Lanka on the occasion of Mid-Sha’ban
    Sri Lankan Muslim held a magnificent conference on the occasion of birthday of Imam Mahdi (aj.t.f.s).
  9. World’s Biggest Islamic Arts Museum to Be Inaugurated in Cairo
    Having been reconstructed with the cooperation of 14 countries, the world’s biggest museum of Islamic arts is soon to be inaugurated in Cairo, capital of Egypt.
  10. Two conferences held in The Philippines on the occasion of Mid-Sha’ban
    The Philippines Shia and Muslim held two magnificent conferences on the occasion of birthday of Imam Mahdi (aj.t.f.s).