1. Saudi TV To Provide Live English And French Translation Of Holy Quran During Ramadan
    Saudi state-run TV will provide live English and French translations for the Holy Quran, during the month of Ramadan, said Qatar News Agency.
  2. Islamic Facebook launched
    A group of South African Muslims, upset about a series of anti-Islamic groups on Facebook, have created an alternative: Muslimbook.com.
  3. US ‘refutes’ Iraq’s July death toll
    In what is seen as an unusual step, the US military has refuted official Iraqi death toll figures that say July was the deadliest month in the war-torn country since May 2008.
  4. Iraq Shi’ite bloc to nominate new name, rejects Maliki as PM
    Ahlul Bayt News Agency (ABNA.ir), One of Iraq’s main Shi’ite political blocs has rejected Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki’s claim to a second term and stopped government formation talks until his party nominates a new candidate, politicians said.
  5. Turkey, 3 Arab states discuss free trade
    Senior officials from Turkey, Syria, Jordan and Lebanon, in a meeting, have called for measures to facilitate free trade among the four countries.
  6. Tehran, Riyadh stress closer ties
    Iran’s interior minister says unity between Iran and Saudi Arabia plays a key role in bringing Muslim nations closer together.
  7. Saudi Wahhabi Religious Police Cracked Down on Festival of Imam Al-Mahdi Birthday
    On 28 July 2010 Saudi Wahhabi religious police, or Mutawwa’in who are members of the so-called (Committee for the Promotion of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice ) cracked down on religious festival meant for Imam Al-Mahdi Day of Remembrance birthday which Shiites celebrated .
  8. Pakistan flood death toll passes 1,400
    The death toll has risen to 1,400 from massive floods in Pakistan as rescue workers still struggle to reach isolated areas of the country.
  9. Islamic World Painting Festival Welcomed
    Over 250 works from several Islamic states will be exhibited in a non-competitive section of the Third International Islamic World Painting Festival.
  10. Advanced Quran Recitation Course to Be Held in Tehran
    The research and planning deputy of the Supreme Quran Council is to hold an advanced recitation course for the country’s selected Quran reciters, said an official with the council.