1. Indian Muslims Protest the Burn Quran Day by Florida Dove Church
    U.S Church Plan to Observe coming 11th September as Burn Quran Day has caused great anger and distrust among the Indian Muslims.
  2. Egyptians celebrate Ramadan in their own ways
    As the Muslim’s holy month of Ramadan falls on Wednesday, Hassan Ali, a 35-year-old Egyptian man tours the El-Sayyeda Zeinab area of Cairo’s old town to find his little son a suitable lantern.
  3. Halal Experts Gather at 1st European Halal Conference in Düsseldorf
    The 1st European Halal Conference will be organized on September 14 in the Düsseldorf Exhibition Center in Germany. This will be at the occasion of the upcoming food shows InterMopro, InterCool and InterMeat that concurrently will take place from September 12-15.
  4. UK Muslim peace camp infiltrated by Al-Qaeda
    Al-Qaida fanatics have allegedly infiltrated Britain’s first ever anti-terrorism summer camp.
  5. Qatar: Charities unveil Iftar plans
    Leading charities like Zakat Fund, the Sheikh Thani Bin Abdullah Foundation for Humanitarian Services(Raf) and Qatar Charity have announced plans to provide Iftar to low-income workers as well as bachelors in many locations in Qatar.
  6. The President of the Islamic Development Bank Visits Turkey
    The President of the Islamic Development Bank (IDB) whose center is located in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia and is part of the Organization of the Islamic Conference came with a delegation on an official visit to Turkey, to hold talks.
  7. Al-Mustafa Int’l University to Launch Quran and Hadith Sciences Major
    The Quranic Studies Department of the Al-Mustafa International University is to launch a B.A. programs in Quran and Hadith sciences in English.
  8. 1000 Quran copies dedicated to Karbala religious centers
    International Alhoda Publications tends to dedicate a collection of Iranian books including 1000 copies of Quran to religious and pilgrim centers of Karbala by the end of Iranian publishers exhibition titled ‘Labaik’ in Karbala.
  9. Terrorists Martyred 2 Shia Police Officials in Karachi
    Two Shia police, Ghulam Abbas and PC Talib Hussain, were Gunned Down by unknown accussed person, While they were Patrolling in Jackson Police Stations’ Area.
  10. Traffic police re-arm amid fresh Baghdad attacks
    BAGHDAD — Iraqi traffic police began to arm themselves with high-powered weapons for the first time in two years as an escalation in attacks against the force saw another officer killed on Monday.