1. Cairo’s Muslim faithful called to pray on one wavelength
    Cairo: Egypt on Thursday began unifying calls to prayer that ring out five times a day from thousands of minarets across the capital, but the move has been criticised by the men who make the call or azzan.
  2. US airstrike kills 8 Afghan civilians
    At least eight Afghan civilians are killed in a US air strike in the south of the country amid growing public discontent over the ever-growing number of civilian casualties.
  3. Iraq backs US withdrawal deadline
    The Iraqi government has ruled out reconsidering the date of US military withdrawal from Iraq, saying Baghdad will stand by the complete pullout deadline set for 2011.
  4. No power rostering in UP dists at night during Ramzan
    In the wake of ongoing Ramzan month, Uttar Pradesh Power Corporation Limited has decided to exempt all district headquarters and cities, specially those having sizeable Muslim population, from power rostering during night hours.
  5. Pakistan floods fail to spark strong global aid
    The global aid response to the Pakistan floods has so far been much less generous than to other recent natural disasters — despite the soaring numbers of people affected.
  6. Obama, Karzai agree to keep pressure on Taliban
    President Barack Obama is agreeing with President Karzai that the United States and Afghanistan should continue to work together to keep the pressure on the Taliban, fight terrorism and protect the Afghan people.
  7. As Ramadan Begins, Muslim iPhone Apps Abound
    For the hundreds of millions of Muslims observing Ramadan, a month of fasting that is one of the five pillars of the faith, a round of high-tech solutions has emerged for remembering prayer times, browsing an electronic Quran and even pointing oneself toward Mecca with the help of a GPS.
  8. Human rights activists criticize the continued detention of citizens for sectarian reasons
    According to legal sources in alAhsa and Qatif, Saudi officials are still holding a number of Shiite citizens for more than six months in detention because of their involvement in political and religious activities.