1. Human Rights Activists Criticize the Continued Detention of Shia Muslims for Sectarian Reasons
    According to legal sources in alAhsa and Qatif, Saudi Wahhabi officials are still holding a number of Shiite citizens for more than six months in detention because of their involvement in political and religious activities.
  2. Saudi holds contest for Mecca beautification
    Saudi Arabia has invited hundreds of Islamic intellects and artists from around the world to present their thoughts on how to make Mecca the most beautiful city in a rare contest for the development of Islam’s holiest shrine.
  3. Nahj-ol-Balaqa Weeks to Be Held in 4 Countries
    Head of the Islamic Culture and Relations Organization (ICRO) said the organization plans to hold four Nahj-ol-Balaqa weeks in four countries this year.
  4. 28 countries participating in Islamic nations section of Qur’an Exhibit in Tehran
    Some 28 countries are participating at the Qur’an and Islamic Nations culture in the ongoing 18th International Qur’an Exhibition in TEHRAN, Iran.
  5. Quranic and Islamic culture can save the world today
    Ayatollah Makarem Shirazi visited a number of prominent Sudanese and Lebanese scholars said: The travel among Islamic scholars from different countries should spread to remove the cynicism and suspicion.
  6. One-page Quran on display at Tehran exhibit
    The entire text of Holy Quran inscribed on one single sheet of paper is currently on display at the 18th International Holy Quran Exhibition in Tehran.
  7. Two Wahabi ideologists hiding in Turkey – Chechen president
    Two renowned Wahabi ideologists, Isa Umarov and Shamsuddi Batukayev, are hiding in Turkey, the Chechen President Ramzan Kadyrov said.
  8. Belgium’s Cultural-Islamic Center to Hold Special Programs during Ramadan
    Belgium’s Cultural-Islamic Center is planning to hold various seminars with Quranic and religious themes during the holy month of Ramadan.
  9. ‘US should review Afghan war strategy’
    Afghan President Hamid Karzai has asked US President Barack Obama to review the war strategy in Afghanistan as civilian deaths continue to rise.
  10. Iran increases aid to Pakistan
    Ayatollah Lotfollah Safi Golpayegani has issued a statement authorizing that a third of the Imam’s share of the khoms charity tax be donated to help victims of the floods in Pakistan.