1. Grand Shia Cleric: U.S. is Silent Toward Saudi Mistreatment of Shias
    Grand Ayatollah Naser Makarem Shirazi says the U.S. which claims to be an upholder of human rights in the world is oblivious toward the mistreatment of Shias in Saudi Arabia.
  2. Bangalore serial blasts case accused Madani expected to be arrested today
    Muslim cleric Abdul Nassar Madani, accused in the 1998 Bangalore serial blasts case, is expected to be arrested by the Kerala Police on Tuesday. Madani was named an accused in Bangalore blasts case after arrested Lashkar-e-Tayyeba suspect T Nazeer reportedly told the Bangalore police that he knew about the plan to bomb the city.
  3. World Bank to provide $900 mln loan to Pakistan
    WASHINGTON — The World Bank said Monday it has agreed to provide a 900 million dollar loan to flood-hit Pakistan, saying the economic impact of the disaster on the economy was expected to be “huge.”
  4. Iran to mass-produce anti-AIDS drug
    Iran plans to mass-produce its anti-AIDS herbal drug IMOD after successfully testing it on hundreds of HIV/AIDS positive patients without severe side effects.
  5. Istanbul to Host Seminar on Stories of the Quran
    A seminar on “stories of the Quran and the contemporary era” will be held by DİVANDER Cultural Research Association on August 21 in Istanbul.
  6. Cairo’s Islamic Museum opens after face-lift
    After 8 years, the world’s largest Islamic Art museum has reopened, much to the fanfare of Egyptian residents. Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak officially made the announcement over the weekend, but art enthusiasts will have to wait until September to view the 25 galleries.
  7. Ramadan radio stations go live in the UK
    Nearly 30 radio stations dedicated to the Islamic religious event, Ramadan, have gone live across the UK this week.
  8. Up to 3.5 million children at risk of deadly diseases in Pakistan
    ISLAMABAD: The United Nations estimates that up to 3.5 million children are at high risk from deadly water-borne diseases in Pakistan as a result of the country’s devastating floods, a UN spokesman said Monday.
  9. Egypt Organizes Quran Contest for the Mentally Challenged
    A national Quran memorization competition for the mentally challenged began in Egypt’s capital of Cairo yesterday, August 15, As-Sabi Al-Yawm daily reported.
  10. Grand Shia Cleric Donates 50.000 Dollars to Pakistani Flood Victims
    In a meeting with Pakistani ambassador, Grand Ayatollah Makarim Shirazi said he will donates 50 thousand dollars to Pakistani flood victims.