1. Ignorant Saudi Wahhabis Calls to a Crackdown the Most Prominent Shia Figures in Al-Khobar
    Since few weeks ago, the Saudi authorities have been carrying out series of weekly calls to a number of prominent Shia figures in the city of Al-Khobar, which it is within the framework of ongoing sectarian harassments against its Shia citizens in that city.
  2. Chinese, Japanese Translations of Quran to Be Published
    The Ansarian Publications in Tehran plans to publish the translation of the holy Quran in Chinese and Japanese.
  3. Islamic Encyclopedia in Turkish to Complete in 2 Years
    Compilation of the Islamic Encyclopedia in Turkish which started 27 years ago by Turkey’s Islamic Researches Center (ISAM) is set to be completed within the next two years.
  4. Go-Ahead for Germany’s Biggest Mosque
    After much controversy, Cologne’s city council has voted in favor of building Germany’s largest mosque. The opposition of a local far-right group wasn’t enough to stop plans that will change the city’s historic skyline forever.
  5. Muslim employee banned to wear scarf in California
    A Muslim woman who works as a hostess at a Disneyland restaurant the theme park would not allow her to appear in front of customers while wearing her head scarf.
  6. Istanbul sets world’s longest, most crowded Iftar table / Photo
    The Esenler Municipality in Istanbul has broken a Guiness World Record by organizing the world’s largest and most crowded Iftar table.
  7. Muslim prayer hall painted by vandals in Malaysia
    Vandals splashed red paint on a Muslim prayer hall and left a broken beer bottle there Monday in Malaysia’s first known attack on a place of worship since a string of similar incidents eight months ago.
  8. Saudi Wahhabi Authorities Release Top Shia Cleric “Sheikh Kadhem Muhammad al-Amri”
    On 23 August 2010, Saudi Wahhabi authorities released Sheikh Kadhem al-Amri without explanation or giving any reasons .
  9. Islamic World’s Best Quranic Calligraphers to Meet in UAE
    The best Quranic calligraphers in the Islamic world are to meet in the UAE on September 5-8 in order to write in calligraphy the complete manuscript of the holy Quran.
  10. Nat’l Quran Recitation Nat’l Contest Concludes in Iraq
    The 7th edition of the National Quran Recitation Contest concluded on August 23 in Al-Hashemi Mosque in the holy city of Kadhimain, Iraq.