1. Islamic Conference to meet in Pakistan on relief effort
    Muslim humanitarian aid agencies will hold a meeting in Pakistan next week to help coordinate relief efforts for the millions of flood victims there, the Organisation of Islamic Conference (OIC) announced Wednesday.
  2. UN: 3.5 mn Pakistani flood victims drinking dirty water
    Some 3.5 million survivors of the worst floods in Pakistan’s history only have contaminated water to drink, which is increasing the risk of water-borne diseases spreading, the UN said
  3. US-led troops kill Afghan Muslim protesters
    US-led troops have opened fire at demonstrators in northern Afghanistan, killing dozens of people and wounding more than 20 other civilians.
  4. Bahrain Shia Party Threatens Election Boycott
    A Shiite Muslim opposition party Wednesday threatened to boycott Bahrain’s parliamentary elections, due in October, unless democratic reforms are introduced.
  5. Amnesty exposes US Muslim killings in Yemen
    Amnesty International has charged the US with violating international law by carrying out attacks and cooperating in ‘extrajudicial executions’ in Yemen.
  6. German church eyes boosting coop with Muslims on fighting poverty
    German Protestant leader Nikolaus Schneider on Wednesday called for stepping up cooperation with the nation’s 4.3 million Muslims on tackling poverty and social alienation.
  7. Rare handwritten Quran showcased at Tehran museum
    A collection of rare version of handwritten the Holy Quran has been put on show in an exhibition opened at the Reza Abbasi Museum in Tehran on Tuesday.
  8. New website to share the Quran with the world
    The Volunteers of the Quran Platform is set to introduce a number of projects it has prepared as part of the Religious Affairs Directorate’s designation of 2010 as the Year of the Quran at a fast-breaking iftar dinner for local and foreign statesmen on Sept. 5.
  9. Saudi cleric slammed over cashiers’ fatwa
    Saudi Arabia’s most senior religious leader has ordered a conservative cleric to stop giving unauthorized edicts
  10. US-led troops killed in dispute over veil
    A media report says that an Afghan soldier killed two US-led soldiers in a shoot-out when they tried to remove an Afghan woman’s veil by force.