1. Khurshid favours registration of wakf properties
    Amid reports of encroachments of a large number of wakf properties in the country, Minority Affairs Minister Salman Khurshid on Wednesday favoured registration of such properties to resolve the issue. “We want to put an end to the sale of property (of Wakfs) because sale is being misused. We want regsitrations of wakf properties so that a record can be kept. If people have a problem to it, we are willing to talk,” Khurshid said.
  2. Chechen leader dreams of building the world biggest mosque
    Moscow — The Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov confesses that though Chechnya has already built the biggest mosque in Europe, he has a dream to build the world biggest mosque in the republic.
  3. UN: Ten million without shelter in Pakistan floods
    ISLAMABAD: More than 10 million people have been left without shelter in Pakistan’s floods for the past six weeks, the United Nations said Tuesday, in “one of the worst humanitarian disasters” in UN history.
  4. UAE pavilion hosts Ramadan Iftar at Expo Shanghai
    Shanghai – The UAE Pavilion at Expo 2010 hosted Ramadan Iftar yesterday attended by the officials in charge of the Arab pavilions, taking part at the Shanghai Expo.
  5. Indonesia cities empty for Muslim holy month’s end
    JAKARTA, Indonesia — Millions of Indonesians crammed into trains, ferries and in greater numbers than ever, motorcycles, as they poured out of major cities to return to their villages to celebrate the end of the Islamic holy month with families.
  6. Bahrain under fire over torture
    British rights activists have criticized Bahrain for arresting opposition leaders, accusing the kingdom of violating human rights and oppressing the opposition.
  7. Multiple bombings shake Baghdad
    A number of bombing attacks have rocked Baghdad, leaving at least three people killed and dozens more injured in the Iraqi capital.
  8. 14 Qaeda suspects arrested in Yemen
    Security forces have arrested 14 suspected members of the al-Qaeda network during sweeping operations in the Abyan province, south of Yemen.
  9. IISS’ plan for Britain to leave Afghanistan
    The UK government military advisors have published a blueprint for pulling British troops out of Afghanistan.
  10. Moderate quake rocks southern Iran
    Officials say they have received no reports of casualties after a moderate 5.1-magnitude earthquake jolted the southern Iranian province of Hormozgan.