1. Bus crash kills 27 in Iran
    At least 27 people have died after a bus overturned and plunged seven meters off a bridge near the Iranian capital of Tehran, police say.
  2. Pro-Shia Protest Held in Bahrain
    Amid increasing pressure on Shias in Bahrain, hundreds of people have staged a rally in Manama to protest Saudi Arabia’s support for the latest crackdown on the majority group.
  3. Iraqi soldiers killed by bomb; US-Iraq raid kills 7
    MOSUL, Iraq – Nine Iraqi soldiers were killed on Wednesday when a roadside bomb destroyed a bus in the volatile north and at least seven people were killed in a US-Iraqi raid in western Iraq, security sources said.
  4. Pakistani Police Released Top Shia Scholar in Quetta
    LAHORE, QUETTA: The Quetta police released Al-Quds rally leader Allama Syed Hashim Mosovi after few hours of his detention on Tuesday, a private TV channel reported.
  5. Glasgow Central Mosque Hall to host Scotland’s first Halal Exhibition
    A free day of Halal entertainment and exhibitions for all the family. The event will be a fresh and exciting way of bringing Halal products and suppliers together and will provide a platform to showcase genuine products and services
  6. Who is Hazrat Abdolazim?
    Abdolazim,P.B.U.H., son of Abdollah ibn Ali, is one of grandsons of Imam Hassan and his ancestral geneology with four intermediaries comes down to Imam Hassan. His father was Abdollah and his mother fatemeh, daughter of Oghbatebne Gheys.
  7. Amnesty International Is Concerned With the Growing Number of Crimes Committed Against Muslims
    (Washington, D.C.) Amnesty International U.S.A. (AIUSA) is deeply concerned about the growing number of reports of crimes committed against Muslims and of other anti-Muslim sentiment and activity in the United States.
  8. Halal Menus in Harrow Schools in U.K
    The leader of Harrow Council has admitted even he was surprised to learn Halal was the only meat option on school lunch menus.
  9. Hotels choose halal to woo Muslim tourists
    Halal travel is now gaining popularity globally as demand for products and services permitted by Islam extends beyond food and banking.
  10. New Domes on the Holy Shrines of Kadhimayn (a.s) + PIC
    Domes of the holy shrines of Imam Javad and Imam Musa Kadhim (PBUT) have been just renewed.