1. Afghan Observers Question Election as Tally Starts
    KABUL, Afghanistan, (AP) – Afghan election observers said they had serious concerns about the legitimacy of this weekend’s parliamentary balloting as officials began Sunday to tally the results — a process that could take months.
  2. Rocket kills 8 children in Afghanistan
    Eight children have lost their lives after the rocket round they were playing with exploded in the northern Afghan province of Konduz.
  3. Qur’an Day registration by UN proposed
    Following desecration of Holy Qur’an by the extremists in the US, Iranian Khajeh Nasir Tousi University of Technology issued a communiqué calling for registration of a day as Qur’an Day by the UN.
  4. Baghdad Car Bombs, 23 Killed, Dozens Injured
    Two car bombs exploded in Baghdad Sunday morning as commuters were starting their work week, killing at least 23 people and wounding dozens of others, Iraqi officials said
  5. Official ‘Islam at School’ Regulation Book Issued in Berlin
    Berlin’s Ministry for Education, Science and Research has just published a guide called “Islam and School” giving practical advice on how to resolve issues relating to Muslim students and encouraging “people to live together respectfully and peacefully”
  6. Urgent: Parachinari Shia Resistance Frees Occupied Khevas village
    The current wave of clashes erupted early September when the Takfiri Taliban Terrorists took positions on the tops of the mountains overlooking Shia villages of Shalozan and targeted Shia civilians with heavy weapons.
  7. In a new attack of Taliban;More than 25 Shia Martyred and Injured in Parachinar
    The Talibani Wahhabi terrorist attacked the innocent Shia Muslims in Parachinar. The attacks of the terrorists led the number of Shia martyrs in “Shaluzan” to 25 people and injuries to 80.
  8. Houston to witness demo marking Jannat Al-Baqee tragedy
    HOUSTON, The United States: Shiaan-e-Ali of Houston have finalized arrangements to hold a peaceful protest to commemorate the tragic event of Jannat ul Baqee demolition demanding rebuilding of this holy site. This year marks the 85th anniversary of this horrifying tragedy.
  9. Had Muslims not slighted signs of favor-doers to Islam no one dared to disgrace their sites, heroes: Moosavi on ‘Universal Day of Demolition of Jannatul Baqee’
    ISLAMABAD, Pakistan: ‘Universal Day of Demolition of Jannatul Baqee’ will be observed throughout Pakistan like other global parts on Saturday Shawal 8 in line with the announcement made by Quaid-i-Millat-i-Jafariya Agha Syed Hamid Ali Shah Moosavi with religious devotion and reverence.
  10. Nahjolbalaghah Translated by Cossack Writer
    Nahjolbalaghah translated by Cossack writer was published by Alhoda International Publications in Lmaaty