1. Supreme Court defers Ayodhya verdict till Sept. 28
    The Supreme Court on Thursday deferred the Ayodhya verdict till September 28.
  2. Online Halal Meat Shop for UK Muslims
    Sara’s Halal Foods have today announced the launch of a new online halal meat shop. The shop provides UK Muslim consumers with the largest range of halal meat products currently available online in the UK
  3. The Group Behind Mahabad terrorist Attack Identified
    A day after a terrorist attack in northwestern Iranian city of Mahabad, Iran’s Intelligence Ministry succeeded in identifying the terrorists behind the blast
  4. Producting of French Halal Meat Under Inspection
    The lack of a central body in France to oversee the authenticity of halal meat has made some experts doubt that animals have been slaughtered following the correct Islamic procedures
  5. Another vicious Insult Towards Muslim Community
    Police are investigating after a pig’s head was left outside a mosque in U.K
  6. Muslim leader: Don’t let distortions divide
    Opportunistic politicians and bigots are using issues such as the “Ground Zero mosque” to drive a wedge between American Christians and American Muslims at a time when those two populations should be coming together, an influential Muslim leader told a UNO audience.
  7. Turkey to establish industrial zone in Serbia’s Muslim Sanjak
    Turkey’s labor minister said that Turkey would establish an industrial zone in Sanjak region of Serbia.
  8. Iraq Shia blocs set PM deadline
    Iraq’s Shia-led blocs yesterday gave themselves five days to pick a single candidate for prime minister, and one politician said the incumbent, Nuri al-Maliki, was in a strong position to gain a second term.
  9. NATO oil tankers set ablaze in Pakistan
    Four oil tankers carrying fuel supplies to NATO and US forces in Afghanistan have been torched in Pakistan’s southwestern Balochistan province.
  10. Iran opens international carpet fair
    Iran’s 19th international hand-woven carpet fair has opened with the aim of introducing the Persian carpet and expanding its export market.