1. Shia Muslims in the Persian Gulf; Worrying times
    Shias on the Arab side of the Persian Gulf have long lived with ignored through centuries under Sunni rulers, they now feel …
  2. West Bengal increases OBC quota for Muslims
    The West Bengal government on Friday issued notification to increase reservation in the Other Backward Classes (OBC) category from seven percent to 17 percent by introducing a ‘more backward’ classification to benefit the Muslim communities.
  3. Thousands Shia protest in south Yemen
    Tens of thousands of Shia Southern Movement supporters have staged demonstrations against the unity of southern and northern Yemen.
  4. Iraqi Qaeda group says behind twin bomb attacks
    Al Qaeda’s Iraqi affiliate claimed responsibility for a double car bomb attack this week that killed at least 12 people in Baghdad, a group that monitors insurgent communications said on Friday.
  5. Three held over Muslim grave vandalism in Leeds
    Three people have been arrested after gravestones in a section of a Leeds cemetery were damaged.
  6. College bans wearing of Muslim veils
    Education chiefs at a sixth form college have banned Muslims from wearing veils – saying they are a security risk.
  7. Pakistan erupts over US scientist verdict
    Pakistani activists poured into the streets on Friday shouting ‘Death to America’ and burning effigies of President Barack Obama after a US court jailed a woman scientist for 86 years.
  8. Bahrain triggers human rights uproar
    As many as 26 human rights organizations have called on the international community to address Bahrain’s suppression of rights advocates and Shias population, an Egyptian institute says.
  9. Police foil mosque attack in Mosul
    Iraqi security forces have shot and killed a man wearing an explosive belt before he could harm worshippers performing Friday prayers at a mosque in the center of Mosul.
  10. Discrimination against Muslims increases in the workplace
    According to Islamic groups in the U.S., tensions in the workplace are increasing against Muslims in areas all over the U.S., even in historically diverse and accepting parts of the country.