1. All Egyptian Muslims Have a Sense of Affection for Ahl-ul-Bayt (AS)
    Egyptian minister of Awqaf and Islamic affaires, Mahmoud Hamdi Zaghzough, stressed that Egyptian Muslims, no matter what sect they belong to, have a sense of love and affection toward Ahl-ul-Bayt (AS).
  2. Moscow Historical Mosque attacked
    Moscow – Unidentified criminals tried to commit arson in the territory of Moscow Historic Mosque.
  3. Roman Catholic school could be handed over to a mosque after number of RC pupils falls to ‘five or six’
    Church bosses want to close Sacred Heart RC Primary School, in Blackburn, Lancashire, because the number of Catholic students has plummeted from 91 per cent to just three per cent in a decade.
  4. Kuwait calls for Arab and Muslim nations to have place on Security Council
    Arab and Muslim countries deserve to be represented on the Security Council commensurate to their size and contributions, Kuwait’s Prime Minister told the second day of the General Assembly’s annual general debate today.
  5. New Zealand Muslims demand apology for anti-Islam jokes
    New Zealand’s Islamic community has written to Prime Minister John Key demanding an apology for a joke one of his ministers made about Muslims, the Dominion Post newspaper reported Saturday.
  6. African Shia Students Arrived Iran for Degree Programmes
    African Shia Students sent to Iran by the Leader of the Shia Islamic Movement in Nigeria have arrived there this week.
  7. Yemen retakes town as ‘Qaeda’ ambush bus
    Soldiers regained control of a besieged southern town from Al Qaeda, Yemeni authorities said, as militants staged a dawn attack on a bus in the capital, wounding 10 intelligence agents.
  8. Qatar Islamic Plans Benchmark Islamic Bond
    Qatar Islamic Bank (QIB), the Gulf state’s largest Islamic lender, said it has mandated Credit Suisse, HSBC and QInvest, for its first dollar-denominated benchmark Islamic bond issue.
  9. Targeting symbols of spirituality
    Security analyst Imtiaz Gul says that attacks on shrines are a result of the al Qaeda and TTP alliance in 2007. “This is done by people who believe in Osama bin Laden’s philosophy, [who subscribes to] the Salafi/Wahabi school of thought that rejects shrines.”
  10. Al-Arabiya Director Resigns…and Takes it Back
    The resignation came after the controversial statement about Wahabism, suggesting that the strict Salafi movement played an important role in the West’s association of terrorism and extremism with Islam, according to Arab News.