1. Muslim states press UN to condemn anti-Islam actions
    UNITED NATIONS — Kings, Amirs and Presidents from Muslim nations have made pressing appeals at the United Nations for the West to clampdown on attacks on Islam which they warned is a growing threat to international security.
  2. The Babri Masjid Verdict: A Tense Day Ahead
    India wakes up to an anxious Thursday. Morning commuters may not face the usual weekday rush but instead a posse of constabulary decked out in riot gear patrolling their streets. Children and even working women may stay home. Offices might see thin attendance.
  3. Officials in Small NY Town Want Muslim Cemetery to Go
    Officials in the small town of Sidney, N.Y., want to stop a Muslim community center from burying bodies in a cemetery on its own land.
  4. Tunisia Soon to Host 4th Congress of Islamic Environment Ministers
    On October 5 and 6, 2010, Tunisia will host the Islamic environment ministers’ 4th congress, with the participation of environment ministers from the Islamic countries and several representatives from over 30 international associations.
  5. Iraqi Shia Officers Hit by Ba’athists
    Reports from Iraq raise questions over the government’s silence on a series of assassinations targeting Shia officers in the army, police and intelligence service.
  6. Muslim bodies come out with agenda
    Several Muslim organsiations on Wednesday came out with an agenda for the welfare of the Muslim community and urged different secular political parties to incorporate its contents in their election manifestoes.
  7. Danish MP meets Muslims over cartoons
    Denmark’s foreign minister on Wednesday met ambassadors of 17 Muslim countries ahead of the publication of a book on controversial cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed, the ministry said.
  8. Ignorant Wahhabis Martyr Two Shias in Quetta
    Three people are killed and three injured in Quetta at Sabzi Market in Hazar Ganji on Yesterday morning.
  9. Protest against Bahraini Al Khalifa threats against activists and Shias in front of Intercontinental Hotel – London
    The blood of the victims of state-sponsored terrorism is now threatening to defeat the enemies of mankind; those whose motto has always been: kill to survive!
  10. Wait of Imam E Zamana (aj) is not a theory but practical
    Head of Al Zahra Quran o Hadith Institute, Hujjatul Islam wal Msulaimeen Idrees Ahmad Alavi said that the children should be given awareness about practical wait for their proper Islamic training.