1. NSEL opens doors for commodities trading Shariah way
    MUMBAI: Investors who refrain from trading in commodities on stock exchanges due to Shariah (Islamic jurisprudence) restrictions, can now actively buy and sell precious commodities like gold and silver in the spot market at real-time prices.
  2. Shiite Scholar’s demand halt to US influence in Pakistan
    Shiite scholars from across the country on Sunday unanimously adopted a resolution demanding of the incumbent Government to curtail the increasing influence of the US and its spy agencies in the country.
  3. The founder of the Spanish Muslim Community dies at 63
    The President of the Junta Islámica in Spain and founder of the Spanish Muslim community, Mansur Escudero, is to be buried today, Monday, in his native town of Almodóvar del Río. The town cemetery has an area of Islamic burials.
  4. Egypt, Iran to resume direct flights after 30 years
    Egypt and Iran agreed to resume direct flights between the two countries’ capital cities for the first time in 30 years, Egypt’s civil aviation authority announced.
  5. President Tells Masses Muslims have rightful place in Germany
    After a recent projection in anti-Muslim sentiment caused by the controversial remarks of Thilo Sarrazin, the German president has appealed to his people to accept and recognise that Islam and Muslims have a rightful place in Germany.
  6. Moderate Muslim elected to Bosnian presidency
    Bakir Izetbegović, son of the Muslims’ wartime leader, is seen as less ideological than the incumbent.
  7. Iraq Bombing attacks claim five lives
    Militants have launched multiple bombing attacks on Iraqi government, police and security officials, leaving at least five people dead and several others wounded.
  8. No Shariah Rules for Breaking Deals Gets Regulator Review: Islamic Finance
    The leading global Islamic Finance accounting regulator is introducing conditions for contracts that comply with religious laws, seeking to standardize an industry with $1 trillion in assets under management.
  9. Islamic inventions go on display in New York
    A gala celebration was held Saturday acknowledging the success of the ‘1001 Inventions,’ exhibition, which received over 350,000 visitors in Istanbul. The exhibition, featuring the scientific and technological developments between 7th and 17th centuries from the golden era of the prevalence of Islam and showing at Istanbul’s Sultanahmet Square since August, is now traveling to the New York Hall of Science Museum.
  10. Defence Minister cancels Islamic leader’s speech
    Defence Minister Peter Mac-Kay has cancelled a speech at National Defence headquarters by the outspoken executive director of the Canadian Islamic Congress because of the organization’s “extremist views.”