1. Germany to Start Specialized Courses for Imams
    Osnabrueck University is paving the way for a growth in Islamic studies with the aim of better integrating Muslims into German society. On Monday, 30 students will attend the first course devoted to training imams
  2. Eating Halal Goes far Beyond Scientific Reasoning
    While mostly overlooked, the halal industry is a key Islamic industry whose model is derived directly from the Quran. The model is even more fascinating when studied under an economic microscope which explains its simplicity and why it is unshakeable
  3. US Base in Afghanistan Captured by Taliban
    Taliban militants have claimed that they have driven US troops out of a military outpost in Afghanistan’s northeastern Kunar Province
  4. English-language Muslim newspaper planned for launch in 2011
    An English-language newspaper aimed specifically at the Muslim community is being developed by south asian television network ARY Digital.
  5. Bahraini Shias at Risk of Torture
    Amnesty International says more than 200 people, arrested as part of a clampdown against Shia political opposition in Bahrain, are at the risk of being tortured
  6. Turkey’s PM meets head of Supreme Islamic Iraqi Council
    Al-Hakim will hold a press conference in Ankara on Monday afternoon.
  7. “Muslim Properties Will Be Protected”
    11th Oct, 2010: Syed Shah Ghulam Sarwar Biyabani, on Monday, said that the Wakf Circle Committees would be revived to protect the properties within city limits.
  8. Pakistan Police Arrest 2 Men Planning to Kill Doctors, Shia Muslims
    KARACHI: The police have arrested two men on suspicion of being involved in the killings of doctors and Shia scholars. One of them is a repeat offender out on bail from jail.
  9. Grand Ayatollah Gulpayegani: Spread of Quranic civilization and its understanding among the students is very necessary
    Grand Ayatollah Safi Gulpaigani stressing upon the spread of Quranic civilization and its understanding among the students, declared it as a necessity.
  10. More than 4,000 complaints in Afghan poll
    KABUL – More than 4,000 formal complaints have been submitted about Afghanistan’s parliamentary poll, the election watchdog said on Sunday, with more than half of those able to affect the final results.