1. 60 Years Old, Sunni, Syed Lady from Wolverhampton Miraculously Healed by Imam Reza (A.S)
    60yrs old, Sunni, Syed Lady from Wolverhampton who is married to a Wahaabi man, miraculously started walking again at the Haram of Imam Raza (a.s.).
  2. Display of books about Imam Reza (AS)
    The commemoration ceremony of Imam Reza is held in Malek National Library-Museum on the occasion of his birthday anniversary. A book exhibition specifically on the subject of Imam Reza (AS), Poetry and Ritual Songs will be held on the sidelines of this ceremony.
  3. UN envoy survives Iraqi roadside blast
    A convoy carrying the UN’s top envoy to Iraq has been hit by a roadside bomb, officials say.
  4. 200,000 to Attend Islamic Azad University’s Quran Competitions
    Up to 200,000 contestants including scholars, students, and university staff will take part in the Quran Contest held by Islamic Azad University
  5. Egypt suspends 12 satellite TV channels for ‘inciting religious hatred’
    Egypt on Tuesday suspended the broadcast licenses of 12 satellite channels–mostly devoted to religious themes–and issued warnings to 20 others about their alleged involvement in “inciting religious hatred and violence”.The suspended religious channels include the Al-Rahma satellite channel, owned by prominent Salafi figure Mohamed Hassan, and the Safa (Kuwait) and Ayat (Saudi Arabia) channels.
  6. Saudi courts limit women’s rights: Rights group
    CAIRO — A leading human rights watchdog said courts in Saudi Arabia empower men to abuse their positions as guardians of female relatives — sometimes jailing adult women for “disobedience” when they seek control of their personal lives.
  7. Millions still without shelter in Pakistan
    The United Nations says more than seven million Pakistanis are still without shelter nearly 100 days after devastating floods hit the country.
  8. Labour-linked extremist ‘banned from UK’
    Qazi Hussain Ahmed, an extremist cleric due to come to Britain on a speaking tour, has had his UK visa revoked by the Home Office. Qazi Hussain Ahmed is a former leader of Pakistan’s extremist Jamaat-e-Islami party who said he “saluted” a suicide bomber for killing five American soldiers.
  9. Theresa May under pressure to sack top adviser in row over ban on Muslim preacher
    Home Secretary Theresa May is under pressure to fire her most senior counter terrorism adviser in a row over the banning of a radical Muslim preacher.
  10. Militants torch NATO trucks in Pakistan
    Pakistani militants have torched tankers carrying supplies to the US-led foreign troops stationed in Afghanistan for the second time in less than 24 hours.