1. Hamburg may become first German state to recognise Islam
    Germany has an estimated 4 million Muslims, most of them of Turkish origin, in its 82 million population.
  2. AMU students boycott food, put utensils at VC home in protest
    Demanding restoration of the students’ union, resident students at the Aligarh Muslim University on Thursday boycotted their meal in the hostel and placed cooking utensils outside the Vice Chancellor’s house.
  3. Afghan peace council seeks Saudi Arabia’s help
    The Afghan government’s newly formed peace council wants Saudi Arabia to play a key role in efforts to reconcile with the Taliban and find a political resolution to the war.
  4. MBC accused of insulting late Muslim Caliph
    The online Arabic language paper Sharq said channel 3 of the Saudi-owned Middle East Broadcasting Company (MBC) telecast the insulting words against Omar bin Khattab during a cartoon show on Friday. The paper coupled its report with a picture and a video copy of the programme showing the phrase “down with Omar bin Khattab”.
  5. Islamic Funds Attract Attention From Global Players
    The Islamic financial sector of funds are set to attract attention from global players as the demand for assets are on the increase as the Islamic financial sector is set to reach $2 trillion dollars by 2012.
  6. Grand Ayatollah Noori Hamdani: Today the world needs the teachings of Nehj-ul-Balagah
    Ayatollah Noori Hamdani while talking to the head and teachers of “Nehj-ul-Balagah teachings” center said that today the world requires intensely the teachings of Nehj-ul-Balagah and the world is unaware about it that how a great blessing we have.
  7. US eyes new support for Pakistan
    The United States looked to expand support for Pakistan in high-level talks Thursday and also nudged it to do more after a string of disputes on how to fight Islamic extremism.
  8. Anti-Human Rights Bahraini Government Arrests Family of Shia Activists
    Bahraini security forces have arrested the family members of opposition activists who have spoken out against the government’s growing violence against the country’s Shia community.
  9. Iraqi PM in Turkey to seek support for new term
    ANKARA – Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki paid a brief visit to neighbouring Turkey on Thursday in search of support from around the region for his bid to retain the premiership in the next government.