1. Egypt court orders police to leave universities
    An Egyptian court upheld a ruling to end the decades-long presence of police on university campuses.
  2. Bahraini Shia Muslim party wins 18 seats in vote
    The opposition has won nearly half of the parliamentary seats in the Saturday’s elections in the Persian Gulf state of Bahrain, the electoral commission says.
  3. Boko Haram Confirms Link With Osama’s al-Qaeda
    The Muslim Fundamental group, Boko Haram, on Thursday evening threatened to carry out further attacks in some state in the North while also invoking the al-Qaeda’s North African branch.
  4. Italy exhibits Islamic artworks
    Italy has mounted an exhibition of Islamic artworks in the city of Milan, which features pieces from the dawn of Islam until the modern era.
  5. UK bars minister from Islamic meet
    British prime minister David Cameron barred the country’s first ever and only Muslim cabinet minister, Baroness Sayeeda Warsi, from attending a conference dominated by Islamic fundamentalists on Sunday.
  6. German companies offer housing units in holy Karbala
    German companies offered to implement 1,000 low-cost housing units within an integrated housing neighborhood project for a total cost of $16.5 million, a local spokesman said.
  7. Two dead, eight injured in Iraq blast
    A bomb explosion has left at least two people dead and eight others injured in northern Iraq as the country struggles to form a new government.
  8. Friday sermons in English soon in mosques
    In an unprecedented move Islamic scholars has suggested English Friday sermons for certain mosques, along with the reduction in the time gap between prayer call and the actual prayer in certain mosques. The suggestion came during a workshop organised by the General Authority for Islamic Affairs (GAIA) and the decision would be implemented soon as part of the UAE’s 39th National Day celebrations.
  9. Iraqi court orders parliament back to work
    BAGHDAD — Iraq’s highest court on Sunday ordered parliament back to work after a virtual seven-month recess, intensifying pressure to break the political stalemate that has held up formation of a new government.
  10. UN will help, but not discuss, Afghan peace talks
    The United Nations’ top diplomat in Afghanistan said on Sunday he will help with efforts to find a negotiated end to a war he believes has no military solution, but he will not discuss progress.