1. Fatwa against women cashiers sparks outrage
    Saudi women activists expressed outrage and confusion on Tuesday at a new fatwa challenging a government initiative to allow women to work as cashiers.
  2. Shia Clerics rejected deal with any Taliban group
    A grand loya jirga of Shia clerics in which turi & bangash tribes held on Monday in headquarter of kurram agency in which more than five hundred tribal elders of two main tribes and six sub tribes particpated.In this loya jirga Shia tribal leaders rejected any possible deal or agrrement with any taliban group including haqani network for using the land of turi & bangash for terrorisim.
  3. Yemen hunts bomb suspect, oil pipe attacked
    Yemen launched a major operation on Tuesday to arrest a Saudi bomb maker accused of being behind a foiled bomb plot involving U.S.-bound parcels.
  4. Finance minister’s effigy burnt at Aligarh Muslim University
    Students of Aligarh Muslim University today burnt the effigy of finance minister Pranab Mukherjee accusing him of supporting vice-chancellor PK Abdul Azis, who is facing charges of financial irregularities.
  5. Azerbaijan bars Islamic parties from poll
    The Republic of Azerbaijan bans several Islamic parties from running in the upcoming parliamentary elections in another sign of the Baku government’s religious discrimination.
  6. Afghan candidates, MPs call for new election
    KABUL – Disgruntled lawmakers, candidates and their supporters called for Afghanistan’s parliamentary election to be scrapped on Tuesday, with no results declared more than six weeks after the poll amid major fraud concerns.
  7. Egypt beefs up security after al-Qaeda threat
    LUXOR, Egypt — Egyptian police on Tuesday beefed up security measures for a Coptic festival being held in the ancient city of Luxor after a recent al-Qaida threat to Christians in the Middle East, a security official said.
  8. Iran donates 1000 Qurans to Afghanistan
    In order to propagate Quran culture, IRI military attaché based in Kabul donated a thousand copies of Quran to the deputy of ideology of the Ministry of Defence of Afghanistan.
  9. Volcanic ash taking toll on health, crops in Indonesia
    The clouds of ash spewed by Mount Merapi in its four eruptions in the past week have made entire communities and farms in tropical Indonesia look snow-covered, but it was far from a winter wonderland they delivered.
  10. Spain seeks Saudi Arabia arms deal
    Madrid – Spain is seeking a major arms deal with Saudi Arabia, which would involve the sale of more than 100 Leopard 2E tanks to the Gulf country, government sources said on Tuesday.