1. Iraq power-sharing deal frayed as Maliki named PM
    A power-sharing pact that saw Nuri al-Maliki named as PM-elect was looking frayed after parliament ended in disarray over claims the deal was broken just hours after being sealed.
  2. Tight security, modern transport await Haj pilgrims
    MECCA — Some 2.5 million pilgrims are descending on Muslim holy city of Mecca for the annual Haj amid tight security and with new facilities, including a railway, to ease the occasionally fatal congestion.
  3. Bomb hits police in Pakistani city of Karachi, kills 18
    KARACHI — Militants armed with guns and a truck bomb demolished a police department used to detain terror suspects in Pakistan’s biggest city of Karachi on Thursday, killing 18 people and wounding 130 others.
  4. Obama cautioned on costly Afghan war‎
    US President Barack Obama should consider reducing American troops in Afghanistan due to the high cost of the ten-year conflict, US experts say.
  5. ‘No military solution for Afghan war’‎
    A former British ambassador to Kabul has admitted that there is no military solution to the war in Afghanistan, newspaper reports say.
  6. 6.1-magnitude quake hits Indonesia, no tsunami
    A 6.1 magnitude earthquake hit Indonesia’s eastern Maluku islands on Friday, officials said, but no tsunami alert was issued.
  7. Egyptian Authorities Crack Down On Local Shiites
    A Cairo court has remanded two men into custody for 45 days pending investigation on charges of joining a Shiite Muslim organization and disparaging religion.
  8. Taliban Targets, Pakistan’s Sufi Muslims Fight Back
    Just as al-Qaeda’s tyrannical puritanism sparked a backlash among the very Sunnis they claimed to be defending in Iraq, so is Taliban violence against Pakistan’s Sufi community provoking its adherents to fight back.
  9. World Congress of Accountants views Islamic Economic Model more Sustainable
    Most accountant professionals from different parts of the world at the World Congress of Accountants (WCOA 2010) held at Kuala Lumpur has concluded that the Islamic financial system was more resilient to the meltdown registering growth. During the second plenary session on “Islamic Finance: Strengthen the Global Financial Market” many speakers favoured the Islamic economic model over the Western one.
  10. Calls for Bahrain torture probe
    The legal representatives of Shia opposition activists have repeated a call for a probe into the alleged torture of the defendants.