1. Kazakhstan to Host 7th World Islamic Economic Forum in 2011
    Kazakhstan will host in 2011 the 7th World Islamic Economic Forum (WIFE)
  2. Sunni Lawmakers Return to Iraq Parliament, Apologize for Walkout
    Members of the Sunni-backed Iraqiya bloc return for a final vote on an accord that lets Shiite Prime Minister Nouri Maliki maintain his hold on power, ending, for now, a debilitating eight-month deadlock
  3. Pilgrims Pour into Mina as Hajj Begins
    The world’s largest annual pilgrimage, the hajj, began on Sunday with a little less than three million Muslims pouring into the camp of Mina from Mecca to prepare for solemn rituals.
  4. 180 Students Admitted to Quran Studies College in Iraq
    180 male and female students have been admitted to the Quran Studies College in Babylon, Iraq, this year.
  5. African National Chief Imam tells Muslims to take education serious
    Sheikh Osmam Nuhu Sharabutu, the National Chief Imam, at the weekend urged the Muslim fraternity to commit to the education of Muslim wards for future benefits. He said: “Education is the knowledge of putting one’s potentials to maximum use and that human beings are not in the proper sense till they are educated”.
  6. Leading Regulators to Discuss Strengthening Industry in 17th Annual WIBC 2010
    The 17th Annual World Islamic Banking Conference (WIBC 2010) will feature substantial discussions by key regulators in the Islamic banking and finance industry during the keynote plenary sessions at this year’s conference.
  7. Indonesian volcano eases off, villagers trickle home
    Villagers forced to flee when Indonesia’s most active volcano erupted in a series of killer blasts trickled back home Sunday even as rescuers dug out more bodies from mountains of ash.
  8. Shops Shut Across Bangladesh In Opposition Strike
    DHAKA, Bangladesh (AP) – Police fired tear gas and rubber bullets and swung batons to break up demonstrations in Bangladesh’s capital Sunday as the opposition party enforced a nationwide general strike to protest the eviction of its leader from a military-owned house.
  9. Pilgrims fall victim to Hajj fraud
    British Muslims have been warned of a rise in bogus travel agents ripping off devotees making the annual Hajj pilgrimage to Mecca.
  10. Quran Competitions Judgment Software Assessed
    A session was held in the holy city of Qom this week in which the Quran Competitions Judgment Software was assessed